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ISBN: 9780091922146
Per Boek Wijzer Auteur: Juju Sundin / Sarah Murdoch
Proven pain managment techniques for your labour and birth

The most anticipated part of pregnancy is giving birth; yet most pregnancy books devote only a chapter or two to this miraculous event and the physical discomfort that accompanies it. Uniquely, Birth Skills concentrates solely on helping you, and your partner, manage the pain of childbirth - from the first contraction, throughout the labour to the actual birth itself. Written by leading obstetric physiotherapist Juju Sundin, with Sarah Murdoch providing a mother's point of view, this wonderful book tells you exactly how your body works in labour and clearly explains how you can use movement, breathing, vocalisation, visualisation and many other easy-to-follow techniques to alleviate pain. Juju and Sarah's sound advice makes Birth Skills an invaluable guide for all expectant parents.

Taal: engels

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    Rubriekspad <Gezondheid en psychologie><Gezondheid en welzijn><Zwangerschap & geboorte>
    Rubriekspad <Studie & Management><Medisch & Gezondheid><Geneeskunde>
    Rubriekspad <Kinderboeken><Levensgebeurtenissen>
    Gewicht 399,00 gram
    ISBN10 0091922143
    ISBN13 9780091922146
    Taal Engels
    Verschijningsdatum maart 2008
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