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ISBN: 9780856133091
Kijk op Boeken Auteur: Dick Wirth & Jerry Young

Taal: engels

Balloons have been floating through the skies since 1783 but only recently have the hot-air types superseded the more cumbersome, expen-thve zas balloons. Thanks to synthetic fibres, hot air can now be contained, and its tendency to rise can be exploited. A complete balloon, which might stand 70 feet high, can be packed into the back of a van. It costs less than a boat and it can be launched from any sheltered location. Dick Wirth designs, makes, races and goes exploring in balloons of all sizes, from one-man types to airships, and Jerry Young is a leading adventure photographer. Together they have crossed seas, looked down on Alpine peaks and brushed the tops of the Pyramids. Their book Ballooning traces the history of lighter-than-air travel, in war and peace, for science and sport, propaganda and promotion. It explains how balloons are built, how the air is heated and how the wicker baskets function. It describes how balloons, virtually unsteerable and at the mercy of the prevailing winds, go racing and how aeronauts take part in contests that are dangerous, exhilarating and breathtak-ingly skilful. This book captures the escape and the joy of ballooning as well as being a definitive practical side.

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