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ISBN: 9781855019508
Per Boek Wijzer Auteur: Michael Benson

Taal: engels


As far as automobiles go, convertibles are the ultimate in romance and the closest that real life gets to a magic carpet ride. This book features a complete history of the ragtop auto, from its beginnings to the present day, illustrated with 90 full-colour photographs.

With 90 full-colour illustrations As far as automobiles go, "ragtops" are the ultimate in romance. Convertibles are the closest that real life gets to a magic carpet ride, and for many drivers during the second half of the twentieth century, the thrill of driving wasn't complete without the sun on their necks and the wind in their hair. As an outgrowth of the post-World War II West Coast chic, the convertible which had been around as long as there had been cars became the ultimate symbol of the California laid-back "beautiful person" lifestyle. Many American men and woman found that their favourite fantasy involved a tall blond(e), a straight stretch of open road, and a hot car with the top down. Since 1945, the Big Five car manufactur-ers in Detroit, as well as car companies all around the world, have been keeping those fantasies alive by producing cars that are so sleek and sexy that they (almost) belong in a world of make-believe. On a more practical note, convertibles were never produced in great numbers, making them valuable commodities to car collectors!

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