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ISBN: 9781556432682
Per Boek Wijzer Auteur: Tom Van Flandern

Tom Van Flandern's book adds a new dimension to cosmology--not only does it present a novel approach to timeless issues, it stands up to the closest scientific scrutiny. Even the most respected scientists today will readily admit that the Big Bang Theory is full of holes. But it takes a new look, like Dark Matter, Missing Planets, and New Comets, to explain not only why the theory is wrong but what to substitute in its place. If you are curious about such things as the nature of matter and the origin of the solar system, but feel inadequately equipped to grasp what modern science has to say about such things, read this book. You will not get the all too common condescending attempt to water down the `mysteries' of modern science into a form intelligible to little non scientist you, but rather a straightforward new theory, logically derived in front of your eyes, which challenges the roots of many of today's complex accepted paradigms, yet whose essence is simple enough to be thoroughly communicated to the intelligent layman without "losing it in the translation. "

Taal: engels

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    NUR 910
    Afmetingen 38x235x152 mm
    Category Exacte wetenschappen
    Category Natuurkunde
    Category Studie & Management
    Druk 1
    Rubriekspad <Studie & Management><Exacte wetenschappen><Natuurkunde>
    Gewicht 885,00 gram
    ISBN10 1556432682
    ISBN13 9781556432682
    Soort Met illustraties
    Taal Engels
    Verschijningsdatum september 1994
  • label Onderwerpen