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Volg je me?

Auteur: Marco Starink
De complete en praktische handleiding voor de eerste 16 weken van uw pup

In drie boeken op weg naar een sociaalvaardige , zindelijke en opgevoede hond .

De complete praktische handleiding voor de eerste 16 weken van uw pup. Stevige cassette met drie boekjes. Alle informatie om een actieve relatie op te bouwen met een sociaalvaardige hond.
Boekje 1: De soortgerichte socialisatieperiode: de eerste 8 weken van de pup. Waar krijgt men mee te maken wanneer de pup in huis komt?
Boekje 2: De omgevingsgerichte socialisatieperiode. Praktische adviezen voor de 8e tot en met de 11e week.
Boekje 3: Over de rangordeperiode, tussen week 12 en 16. Handige tips om duidelijk te maken wie de baas is.

Wat denkt mijn kat

Auteur: Gwen Bailey

• Waarom geven katten 'kopjes'?

• Waarom raken katten verstrikt in bomen?

• Waarom gaan katten zitten op mensen die niet van katten houden?

Zou u niet dolgraag willen weten wat uw kat denkt? Deze gids is geschreven door een bekende deskundige op het gebied van dierengedrag. De wetenswaardigheden over kat-ten geven inzicht in hoe onze viervoeters denken. Al snel kunt u het gedrag van uw kat aan de hand van zijn lichaamstaal en signalen juist interpreteren en reageren op wat hij 'vertelt'.

Wat uw kat van u vindt

Auteur: Vicky Halls


- Als je een kat Zou vragen: 'Hoe wil je dat jouw baasje je behandelt?' War Zou hij dan zeggen?
- Geven we onze katten wel wat ze willen?
- Kunnen we wel genoeg van ze houden?
- Kunnen we ook te veel van ze houden?
Het leven van Vicky Halls, schrijfster van Kattengeheimen en Wat uw kat u vertelt, staat in het teken van de studie van de relatie tussen mens en kat. In Wat uw kat van u vindt gaat Vicky Halls op zoek naar de oorsprong van de emotionele band tussen katten en baasjes. Ze laat zien hoe we wonderbaarlijke resultaten kunnen bereiken door alleen maar de manier waarop we met onze katten omgaan een beetje te veranderen.
Iedereen die zich wel eens heeft afgevraagd waarom hij of zij zo veel van zijn of haar kat houdt, moet dit boek zeker lezen!

Why Elephants have big ears

Auteur: Chris Lavers

Taal: engels

Why do elephants have big ears? Why are there no snake—shaped mammals? Why are there so many species of bird on earth, and why are they all so small? Why did warm—bloodedness evolve? And were dinosaurs warm-blooded like you and me, or cold—blooded like lizards and frogs?

This fascinating and highly readable work of popular natural history engages the reader with a variety of such conundrums to explain how animals evolved into the breathtaking range of forms that grace our planet. Along the way we encounter some rather strange creatures: the African elephant with its extraordinary nose and ears; the naked mole—rat, a cold—blooded mammal which lives beneath the arid grasslands of Africa; the tiny Etruscan shrew, so small it can fit in an earthworm’s burrow; the giant carnivorous bird Diatryma with a head as big as a horse’s; and Megalania, an extinct one—tonne lizard with teeth like steak knives, which terrorised our mammalian relatives in the not too distant past. . .

Why Elephants Have Big Ears draws on a wide range of disciplines, from zoology and ecology to evolutionary biology and palaeontology. Vivid and entertaining, with lucid explanations of the science of the natural world, it should be read by all those who have a sense of wonder at the endless variety of life on earth.

Wild about horse

Auteur: Lawrence Scalan

Taal: engels

Horses, more than any other animal, have shaped the course of human history. The horse closed the gap between distant lands, changed the nature of the hunt, and altered the conduct of war. The bond that formed between humans and horses extends back more than six thousand years and continues today, stronger than ever. In this age of technology, it is a curious truth that many of us cannot get enough of horses: we watch them, ride them, read about them.

Is this nostalgia for a simpler time, a time when at least you could count on your horse? Or is it something else, something much deeper? Wild About Horses considers the question from many angles. Moving effortlessly from history to literature, from science to sport, from anecdote to personal experience, Lawrence Scanlan sets out to discover the essence of our powerful, almost mystical attraction to this noble creature.

Scanlan covers a wide territory: from the mythic horses of cultures long past to the real-life whisperers of today, to the timeless wild mustangs still roaming the great plains. He tells stirring tales of famous horses, and of horses who should be famous. He chronicles some extraordinary journeys on horseback, and he examines the roles that horses have played both in battle and in Hollywood.

As he touches on each aspect of the equine-human bond, Scanlan makes perfect sense of "horse fever"—that curious affliction that has been known to strike both the seasoned professional and the rider who has galloped only in his or her dreams. Written in lyrical prose with wit, humor, and an eye for drama, meticulously researched, and com-plemented by fifty compelling black-and-white photographs, Wild About Horses addresses our need to know everything we can about the horse.

Wolves at Our Door

Auteur: Jim Dutcher

The extraordinary story of the couple who lived with wolves

taal: engels

For centuries, wolves have haunted the human imagination. It has been accepted as conventional wisdom that they are savage predators, creatures of nightmare. Determined to overcome such misconceptions, Jim and Jamie Dutcher spent six years in a tented camp on the edge of Idaho's wilderness, living with and filming a pack of wolves. Now, in this lyrical memoir, the Dutchers share their experience of life among these intelligent and elusive animals. By socializing with the pack from the time they were pups, the Dutchers were able to gain the wolves' trust and observe their behavior in a way that few people ever have. What they witnessed was remarkable: a complex nature oriented toward family life and strong social bonds. Wolves at Our Door is much more than a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Dutchers' Emmy Award-winning Discovery Channel documentary. It is the story of two people brought together by their devotion to wildlife and held together by their belief in each other. It is about their struggle to keep the project alive amid marauding mountain lions, forest fires, subzero temperatures -- and the never-ending storm of controversy that surrounds the wolf.

Wolves in the land of Salmon

Auteur: David Moskowitz

Taal: engels

Long considered an icon of the wild, wolves capture our imagination and spark controversy. Humans are the adult wolf's only true natural predator; its return to the old-growth forests and wild coastlines of the Pacific Northwest renews age-old questions about the value of wildlands and wildlife. As the vivid stories unfold in this riveting book, wolves emerge as smart, complex players uniquely adapted to the vast interdependent ecosystem of this stunning region. Observing them at close range, David Moskowitz explores how they live, hunt, and communicate, tracing their biology and ecology through firsthand encounters in the wildlands of the Northwest. In the process he challenges assumptions about their role and the impact of even well-meaning human interventions.

Among the wonders of this rich portrait are the author's accounts of young wolves at play just feet away from his makeshift blind on a remote beach and of eerie howls piercing the night air from a den site nearby. Wildlife tracker Moskowitz's daring photogra-phy and determination to see for himself provide the first significant, nuanced portrayal of this charismatic apex carnivore from the Pacific Northwest coast to the edge of the Rocky Mountains. The remarkable story will resonate everywhere that mighty social animals—like humans and wolves—struggle to coexist. With its strong narrative thread, this ambitious chronicle is both timely analy-sis and wilderness adventure.