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Auteur: Jonathan Levi

EEn ndromerige lentedag in 1978 in een kerkje buiten Cambridge. Orgelstemmer Malory valt als een blok voor wiskundegenie Louiza. Ze verliezen elkaar echter algauw uit het oog. Malory moet plotseling afreizen naar Rome, waar hij een onverwachte erfenis krijgt: liet koninkrijk Septimanië. Met de opdracht die ene regel te vin-den die wetenschap en universum verenigt. En Louiza? Zij lijkt van de aardbodem verdwenen. Als ze weer op-duikt, is ze hoogzwanger. Ruim veertig jaar lang voert Levi je dwars door de geschiedenis, om via een goddelijke komedie in Rome tijdens een grootse climax in New York te belanden. Adem-benemend en vol humor.

Serious Accidents and Human Factors

Taal: engels

Auteur: Masako Miyagi

Breaking the chain of events leading to an accident: lessons learned from the aviation industry

There is growing concern globally over issues of aviation safety. Awareness of previous failures and their causes is one of the most important factors in determining risks and hazards in any new operational systems. This requires experience of accidents and failures across a broad spectrum of complex systems. Every accident occurs as a result of a chain of errors, and if one of the 'links' making up that chain can be broken, the accident might be prevented - and becomes merely an 'incident'. If you collect detailed data from a range of 'incidents', relating to how they occurred, and develop a consistent method for analysing that data, you can create a potentially valuable resource to assist in accident prevention. This interesting publication proposes an original and structured approach to accident prevention. In an interesting and readable collection of accounts of major accidents, drawn mainly from the aviation industry, the author investigates incident reports analytically and reveals the critical information hidden therein that could avert a full-blown accident or disaster. She applies an innovative analytical technique - multi-dimensional analysis of incident reports (MAIR), using a particular model (Quantification Method III) to validate the results and focus upon individual components identified within the causal chain of events that precede an accident. She advocates wider acceptance and use of IRAS (Incident Report Analysing System), ideally administered by a neutral and independent body, to help prevent accidents not only in aviation but in relation to all complex systems, such as nuclear power plants. This comprehensive text offers aviation industry personnel, as well as those involved more generally with safety, risk assessment, and accident prevention in other industries, an inclusive understanding of the accident causation chain, events contributing to that chain, and a method for identifying and eliminating causal factors in a pro-active way. This book provides a comprehensive explanation of the accident causation chain, events contributing to that chain, and methods for identifying and eliminating causal factors in a pro-active way. It proposes an original and structured approach to accident prevention. It presents case studies from a wide range of internationally infamous aviation accidents. It discusses and advocates the wider acceptance and use of IRAS (Incident Report Analysing System).

Service management

Auteur: Vogelezang / Hageman
de sociale constructie van diensten

Dit studieboek geeft de theoretische basis weer van service management. Een theoretisch kader dat de uitgangspunten en veronderstellingen behandelt waarop de organisatie, het beleid en management van diensten is gebaseerd.

Seven Days to Sex Appeal

Taal: engels

Auteur: Eva Margolies

Sex appeal is something that anyone can learn with coaching and practice . . . [It] has more to do with how men and women sit, stand, walk, and dress and the way they use their hands, voice, and facial expressions than it does with physical beauty. " --Eva MargoliesLearn how to be more attractive and self-confident without relying on rhinoplasty, the latest diet du jour, or a different cup size with this seven-day guide on how to attract the best that life has to offer. Relationship and communication experts Eva Margolies and Stan Jones offer an authoritative primer to help women discover their inner sex appeal by mastering effective gender signals-like the proper way to sit, gaze, and vocally communicate through body language that communicates femininity instead of blatant physicality. This accessible and easy-to-follow guide features four-color illustrations that perfectly demonstrate key gender signals and instructs readers on how to manipulate the level of sex appeal they wish to convey by turning it off or on, up or down, depending on the image they wish to project.

Severe Personality Disorders

Taal: engels

Auteur: van Luyn

This book is about understanding and managing patients with severe personality disorders. It covers biological, psychoanalytic and cognitive behavioral approaches and provides a pragmatic guide to best practice. As well as discussing issues of severity, treatability and the range of appropriate management options, the content explores the common elements of effective interventions and covers early prediction, countertransference, disruptions of the therapeutic alliance, suicidal crises and what to do when dealing with dangerous, refractory and stalking patients. The chapters are authored by an international cast of distinguished investigators and innovators from the field. This is a holistic, practical guide to the treatment of patients with a range of these disorders and it should be read by members of the mental health team dealing with this challenging clinical group.

Sewing to Sell

Auteur: Virginia Lindsay

Taal: engels
Make money sewing Hands-on guide shows you how to start and run a successful sewing business from your home Get inspired by informative interviews with four women whoalready run profitable sewing businesses Photocraphy and styling tips that even a beginner can master' Helpful hints on creating marketinc and promotional materials with your styled photos

Sex Safe

Auteur: Faya Lourens

Ergens tussen je 10e en 16e jaar begint de puberteit. Je gedrag verandert, maar ook je lichaam maakt een verandering door, zoals groeiende borsten en haren op je ballen. Je zult jezelf vragen stellen als: 'Kan ik zwanger worden van 1 keer seks?' 'Kan ik een SOA krijgen van pijpen?' 'Ben ik homo als ik ook op jongens val?' 'Waarom zijn mijn ouders zo irritant?' Of 'Waarom komt er nog geen sperma uit mijn piemel als ik eraan trek?'. Dit zijn onderwerpen en vragen waar je allemaal antwoord op krijgt in dit boek. We leven in een snelle wereld met internet en social media, waarin rappers rolmodellen zijn. 'Sex Safe' is een boek voor de jeugd van tegenwoordig en bevat tevens een hoofdstuk speciaal voor de ouders. Met kunstillustraties van Selwyn Senatori en anekdotes van rappers en artiesten is dit hét boek voor seksuele voorlichting van deze tijd. Dit boek is in samenwerking met psycholoog Barbara Nanninga, seksuoloog Mandy Ronda en kinder- en jongerencoach Jose Nanninga-Verholt.

Sex, Food, and God

Auteur: David Eckman

Taal: engels

When good things created by God—such as sex and food—are misused to escape emotional and relational pain, the resulting damage, desperation, and loneliness can be worse than the worst nightmare. . . for you or someone you love. Using groundbreaking research and offering compassionate understanding rooted deeply in Scripture, David Eckman shares

• how and why unhealthy appetites grip people and trap them in a fantasy world

• how God responds gently to weakness and failure

• how shame and guilt disappear when we realize His passionate delight in us

• how four great experiences of the spiritual life break the addiction cycle

• how enjoyment of our relationship with God actually guards us from addiction

As you begin to grasp God's radically loving plan to protect us, you'll find yourself wanting to run forward—away from aloneness and self-deception and into the arms of your Abba Father.