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West-Friesland Oud en Nieuw


Zoals het historisch genootschap "Oud West-Friesland" sinds 1924 ijvert voor het veilig stellen van het culturele erfgoed van deze regio, zo ijvert de "Noordhollandsche" te Oudkarspel sinds 1816 voor het zeker stellen van have en goed.

Wet bevordering evenredige arbeidsdeelname allochtonen


Be Wel Bevordering Evenredige Arbeidsdeelname Allochtonen [WEBB] is ingevoerd als uitwerking van hel 'non-discriminatie' artikel 1 van de Grondwet en de Wet Gelijke Behandeling [W68]. De WBEAA bedoeld om inzicht te verkrijgen in de inspanningen van werkgevers om meer allochtonen in dienst te nemen. In deze •Infoplus Minderheden' worden de inspanningen om de arbeidsmarktpositie van allochtonen te verbeteren geanalyseerd en wordt aandacht besteed aan de totstandkoming en uitvoeringspraktijk van de WBEAA waarbij nogal wat tegenzin bij werkgevers bleek te bestaan. Verder wordt ingegaan op recente uitspraken en evaluaties van onder meer de Registratiekamer en het Ministerie van Sociale laken en Werkgelegenheid. Ook worden aanbevelingen gedaan voor de toe-komst. Be 'WBEAA Bnaluse en beleidsimplicaties' maakt deel uit van de reeks Infoplus Minder-heden. Hef boek is bedoeld voor werkgevers en beleidsmedewerkers in de publieke en private sector.

Wetlands of Ireland

Auteur: Marinus L. Otte

Taal: engels

Ireland is famous or notorious for its wet and mild climate. Because on average more water precipitates than evaporates, the island is rich in wetlands — marshes, swamps, fens, bogs, lagoons, floodplains and wet meadows, to name but a few. Many place names in Ireland refer to wet places. Words derived from the Irish language are used to refer to a particular type of wetland, such as 'callows' for the floodplains of the River Shannon, or 'turlough' for a type of ephemeral wetland found almost exclusively in Ireland.

Wetlands in Ireland have traditionally been viewed as smelly, dangerous places, best avoided or 'reclaimed'. Surprisingly few books have been written on the diversity and ecology of Irish wetlands. But attitudes have been changing, and around the world wetlands are now regarded as invaluable ecosystems, rich in resources and providing important ecological services.

This book for the first time brings together specialists in wetland science discussing a wide range of topics from an Irish perspective, including the ecology, fauna, vegetation and distribution of various types of wetlands; the use of wetlands for wastewater management; the archaeology of wetlands; and protection and conservation. It is intended for a wide audience of wetland enthusiasts not just for professionals, but also for those who through their hobbies have a passion for those wet and wild places.

MARINUS L. OTTE is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Botany at University College Dublin


Taal: engels

Auteur: David Marx

A systems engineer and high consequence industry consultant, David Marx, uses national, international and personal stories to outline the prevalence and complexities of human error. Arguing that our approach to human fallibility is flawed, Marx applies principles of a Just Culture model to topics such as medical malpractice reform, healthcare and aviation safety, human resources policies, and parenting. Rather than embracing a merely reactive approach to human error, Marx argues for holding people accountable based on the quality of their choices—not merely the positive or negative outcomes in any given situation. On a macro level, this would include retiring the medical malpractice system, re-evaluating tort reform objectives and incorporating error-reporting systems into healthcare and aviation sectors. On a micro level, Marx encourages readers to release their expectations of perfection and embrace personal accountability for choices they and their neighbors make daily.

What is clinical psychology?

Auteur: Marziller / Hall (red)

As one of the fastest growing groups of health care professionals, clinical psychologists are increasingly involved with issues of general medical health care and in helping with a variety of psychological problems and disorders occurring in family settings. In this volume, leading clinicians and researchers explore the techniques they employ, the rationale behind these techniques, and the conceptual framework within which clinical psychologists work. Detailed case studies illustrate the use of these techniques in the context of therapeutic practice with children, the elderly, and mentally and physically handicapped patients. This book provides specialists and nonspecialists alike with an overview of the diverse roles of the contemporary clinical psychologist.

Taal: engels

What Is Wrong with Scientology?

Taal: engels

Auteur: Mark 'Marty' Rathbun

The first critical treatment of Scientology that seeks to identify and correct what is wrong with it rather than to merely expose or advocate against the subject. A handbook for former, current and prospective members. The book can help to heal any damage done by misuse while rehabilitating any positives derived from Scientology. The book also serves to proof up an individual against being harmed by misapplication of Scientology in the future. As the first simple, accurate description of the philosophy from its introductory to its most advanced levels, the book will inform those interested in Scientology as no other available work has.