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The Essential Jung

Auteur: Anthony Storr

Taal: engels

C. G. Jung is one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. He is generally regarded as the most important psychological theorist of modern times, second only to Freud, his associate and his intellectual mentor. Jung's thought followed Freud's in many fundamental directions, but diverged from Freud in several crucial respects. Jung emphasized the continuing devekTment of personality throughout adult life rather than the formation of the personality in the first years of childhood; and he focused less on the inevitable necessity of repression than on the goals of integration and individuation. Jung's views have in the past few decades become very much our own, pervading our culture in a myriad of ways and through a multitude of psychologists, self-help authors, and essayists in the fields of mythology and spirituality. But none of his followers compare to the man himself for sheer wealth and breadth of ideas. The Essential Jung is the best introduction to these ideas for the general reader. This volume presents the essentials of Jung's thought in his own words. To familiarize readers with the ideas for which Jung is best known, the British sychiatrist and writer Anthony Storr has selected extracts from Jung's writings that pinpoint his many original contributions and relate the development of his thou ht to his biography.

The European Union Since 1945

Auteur: Alasdair Blair

The European Union has an important significance for the governance of the member states within it, and a wider impact on external policy developments. It is a unique body whose influence permeates beyond its own borders. In this book, Alasdair Blair provides an up—to—date account of the history of European integration from its emergence at the end of World War ll until the negotiation of the Constitutional Treaty in 2004.

Adopting a chronological approach, Blair examines the economic and political factors that have shaped the process of European integration. Written in a clear, jargon-free and accessible style, the book explores:

- the problem of European integration and expansion
- the relationship between the European Union and its member states
- the institutional evolution of the European Union
- methods of decision making
- key policies of the European Union
- the future direction of the European Union

Also including key features such as a comprehensive primary documents section, a Glossary of Terms, a Who's Who of key personalities, a detailed Chronology, a Bibliography and Guide to Further Reading, this book is an essential guide to understanding the relevance of the European Union in the let century.

Taal: engels

The Evolution of Modern Grand Strategic Thought

Taal: engels

Auteur: Lukas Milevski

In strategic studies and international relations, grand strategy is a frequently-invoked concept. Yet, despite its popularity, it is not well understood and it has many definitions, some of which are even mutually contradictory. This state of affairs undermines its usefulness for scholars and practitioners alike. Lukas Milevski aims to remedy this situation by offering a conceptual history of grand strategy in the English language, analysing its evolution from 1805 to the present day in the writings of its major proponents. In doing so, he seeks to clarify the meaning and role of the concept, both theoretically and practically, and shed light on its continuing utility today.

The Farm

Taal: engels

Auteur: Tom Rob Smith

The hotly anticipated new standalone novel from the author of widely-celebrated, Booker-longlisted CHILD 44 and AGENT 6. 'In the vein of Høeg's SMILLA'S SENSE OF SNOW and le Carre's A PERFECT SPY, the tale brilliantly choreographs the collision of the present with the familial past. . . Structurally innovative and stylistically resonant, THE FARM is a remarkable achievement' - Jeffrey Deaver.

The First Law Trilogy Boxed Set

Taal: engels

Auteur: Joe Abercrombie

A beautiful box set containing Sunday Times bestselling author Joe Abercrombie's epic fantasy trilogy: The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings.

The First Law trilogy is a fantasy masterpiece, now available in a stunning box set. It's a perfect gift for fans of A Game of Thrones; a must-have for fans of Joe Abercrombie; and a great way for new readers to discover one of the most highly acclaimed fantasy trilogies of the past decade.

The First World War

Taal: engels

Auteur: John Keegan

The definitive account of the Great War and a national bestseller from eminent military historian John Keegan 2018 marks the centenary of the First World War - the war that created the modern world. It destroyed a century of relative peace and prosperity and saw a continent at the height of its success descend into slaughter. It unleashed both the demons of the twentieth century - political hatred, military destruction and mass death - and the ideas which continue to shape our world today: modernism in the arts, new approaches to psychology and medicine, and radical ideas about economics and society. By the end of the war, three great empires - the Austro-Hungarian, the Russian and the Ottoman - had collapsed. But as Keegan expertly shows, the devastation extended over the entirety over Europe and still profoundly informs the politics and culture of the continent today. Pertinent, authoritative and gripping, this panoramic account of WW1 is regarded as a world history classic. The best and most approachable introduction to the war' Guardian Nobody describes a battle as Keegan does, vividly relating the unfolding events to the contours of the field of combat. . . This book is a kind of war memorial. As first-hand memory fades, The First World War honours the dead as only true history can' Sunday Times

The Fourth Wave

Auteur: Herman B. Maynard & Susan E. Mehrtens

taal: engels

Applying the concept of historical waves originally propounded by Alvin Toffler in The Third Wave, Herman Maynard and Susan Mehrtens look toward the next century and foresee a "Fourth Wave, " an era of integration and responsibility far beyond Toffler's revolutionary description of Third Wave postindustrial society. Whether we attain this stage of global well-being, however, will depend on how well our business institutions are able to adapt and change. The Fourth Wave examines the ways business has changed in the Second and Third Waves and describes ways it must continue to change in the Fourth. The changes concern the basics - how an institution is organized, how it defines wealth, how it relates to surrounding communities, how it responds to environmental needs, and how it takes part in the political process. The authors also demonstrate the need for a new kind of leadership - managers and CEOs who embrace an attitude of global stewardship; who define their assets as ideas, information, creativity, and vision; and who strive for seamless boundaries between work and private lives for all employees.

The French Country Garden

Taal: engels

Auteur: Louisa Jones

In France today, the heritage of classic parterres and landscaped parks, of botanical enquiry and family kitchen gardens, provides an inspiration for fresh delights and creativity. Louisa Jones has been exploring this heritage ever since she acquired an old farmstead in southern France nearly 30 years ago. For this book, she invited the hugely talented French photographers Gilles Le Scanff and Joelle Caroline Mayer to join her on an odyssey that took them from Normandy to the Riviera, the Loire to the Pyrenees, to reveal the full extent of the Renaissance in French country gardens. Richly diverse, these gardens have been sensitively organised into six themes appealing to every taste. Highly fashionable Grandmothers'Gardens' combine fruits, herbs, flowers and vegetables in seemingly haphazard displays to offer nostalgic visions of cottage-style family life. Gardens for the Five Senses', inspired by the medieval and Renaissance past, focuses on sensual stimulation. The Passion for Plants' is exhibited in exotic, beautiful and novel planting schemes. Formal Fancies' take the elegance of the classical parterre but endow it with contemporary wit and fantasy. Nature'sWays' emphasizes the protection of natural biotypes and regional landscapes. And Planetary Perspectives' shows how French gardeners are giving their own creative gloss to worldwide exchanges of knowledge and resources.