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The Gone Fishin' Portfolio

Taal: engels

Auteur: Alexander Green

A timeless investment guide that reveals how to consistently earn market-beating returns while reducing risk

What every investor needs is a battle-tested strategy that embraces the uncertainty of financial markets-and life in general. One that will yield market-beating portfolio returns in both good times and bad. The Gone Fishin' Portfolio shows you what that strategy is, how it works, and why you should begin using it immediately.

The innovative approach outlined throughout these pages will help investors enjoy a notably high probability of success by using an investment strategy based on the notion that nobody knows what the market is likely to do next, which, in effect, allows investors to capitalize on uncertainty. Details one of the safest and simplest ways to reach your long-term financial goals, and explores the financial and psychological challenges you're likely to face in the years ahead
The ''Gone Fishin' Portfolio'' is based on a Nobel Prize-winning investment strategy that takes just twenty minutes to implement
Discusses the relationship between risk and reward in financial markets, and reveals how the investment industry really works

The Gone Fishin' Portfolio will allow you to reach your most important investment goals, beat Wall Street at its own game, and achieve the financial independence you deserve.

The harpsichord and clavichord: An introductory study

Auteur: Raymond Russell

Taal: engels
Raymond Russell's study of the harpsichord and clavichord, first published in 1959, rapidly established itself as the most authoritative general work on the subject. This second, revised edition prepared by Howard Schott, author of Playing the Harpsichord, takes account of recent re-search in the field and incorporates a number of revisions made by Mr Russell before his death in 1964. The bibliography and list of collections of early keyboard instruments have been radically revised. The main plan of the book is to give the background and trace the development of the early keyboard instruments — both those of the harpsichord family, including spinets and virginals, and clavichords. A descrip-tion of the construction, mechanisms, touch and acoustics of the instruments is followed by an account of their history in this country and on the continent up to the end of the nineteenth century. Now that the harpsichord and clavichord have fully come back into fashion and are once again an integral part of our musical life, this important book has a new relevance. From reviews of the first edition : `This is an indispensable work of refer-ence, which is unlikely to be superseded since it is based on careful and accurate first-hand observation ; it is also full of information for the general musician as well as the student and the amateur of harpsi-chords . . .' The Times Literary Supplement `The plates . . . form a magnificent series, many of them are rare and unfamiliar, and no pains have been spared in ensuring that every point of technical and decorative interest is brought to the reader's notice.' Connoisseur

The Harvard Medical School Guide To Tai Chi

Taal: engels

Auteur: Peter Wayne

Conventional medical science on the Chinese art of Tai Chi now shows what Tai Chi masters have known for centuries: regular practice leads to more vigor and flexibility, better balance and mobility, and a sense of well-being. Cutting-edge research from Harvard Medical School also supports the long-standing claims that Tai Chi also has a beneficial impact on the health of the heart, bones, nerves and muscles, immune system, and the mind. This research provides fascinating insight into the underlying physiological mechanisms that explain how Tai Chi actually works. Dr. Peter M. Wayne, a longtime Tai Chi teacher and a researcher at Harvard Medical School, developed and tested protocols similar to the simplified program he includes in this book, which is suited to people of all ages, and can be done in just a few minutes a day. This book includes:

• The basic program, illustrated by more than 50 photographs

• Practical tips for integrating Tai Chi into everyday activities

• An introduction to the traditional principles of Tai Chi

• Up-to-date summaries of the research literature on the health benefits of Tai Chi

• How Tai Chi can enhance work productivity, creativity, and sports performance

• And much more

The Hinge Factor

Auteur: Erik Durschmied

Taal: engels
From the wooden horse of Troy to the Gulf War, military history has been as much marked by chance and error as by gallantry and heroism. Despite impossible odds, invincible armies have gone down to bitter defeat as their weak opponents triumphed. In battle, much depends on which side commits the biggest blunder. Many conflicts have been decided by the caprice of weather, bad intelligence, heroism where it wasn't expected, or individual incompetence — in other words, the unpredictable. In military terms, the incident which can swing a battle from victory to defeat in a moment is known as the Hinge Factor.

Drawing from the official historians' view as well as personal documents such as soldiers' letters home, Erik Durschmied discusses how and why such Hinge Factors occur.

The Hinge Factor discusses battles which demonstrate the phenomenon — some of which have had a decisive influence on history, as well as some that are of lesser importance. Some of the events described have never before been made public in any extensive way, including the circumstances behind the loss of the Holy Cross, the attack by African war bees in 1914 which was described in The Times as the Germans' secret weapon, the Libyans trying to buy a bomb from China in order to drop it on Israel in 1973, or Star Wars weaponry in the Gulf War.

The History plays

Auteur: Wiliam Shakespeare
An illustrated edition
King John / Richard II / Henry IV part 1 / Henry IV part 2 / Henry V / Henry VI part 1 / Henry VI part 2 / Henry VI part 3 / Richard III / Henry VIII

It is part of Shakespeare extraordinary contribution to our culture that, through his dramas based on English history, he played a unique part in forming our view of ourselves and our nationhood. From King ‘7olm, in which through Magna Carta the king’s absolute power was first limited and the people’s freedoms assured, to — almost in his mvn lifetimey— Henry VIII, Shakespeare wrote a series of ten plays portraying the course of history. It represents almost one third ofhis entire dramatic output.

The overarching theme ofthese plays is the vital importance of the sovereign’s legitimacy if the nation is to be stable. They cover revolutionary times and events — the deposition and murder of Richard II, the Wars of the Roses, the usurping of the throne by Richard III — but they always affirm the principle that a legitimate king, circumscribed by an agreed constitution, is the only proper guarantee ofthe nation’s liberties.

There are many other ways in which Shakespeare’s patriotism has become definitive. In Henry V’s St Crispin’s Day speech to the troops before Agincourt, for example, or John of Gaunt’s ‘scepter’d isle’ speech, a sense of Englishness is expressed tvhieh still lives in English minds today. The lilizabethan’s pride in“ nationhood was perfectly embodied by Shakespeare, butthe poetry ofit-transcends its own time.

In this edition the history plays are brought together with a large group of illustrations which echo and amplify their themes. Gloriously vivid images of England’s story are presented here, putting the great plays in a magnificent setting.

The honours experience


Talentontwikkeling door de ogen van honoursstudenten Honoursprogramma's bieden studenten, die meer uitdaging willen, extra mogelijkheden voor talentontwikkeling op hogescholen en universiteiten, bovenop het reguliere programma of als vervanging van delen daarvan. De vraag is hoe die talentontwikkeling verloopt.

In een uniek project zijn veertig honoursstudenten van verschillende instellingen geïnterviewd over hun ervaringen met talentontwikkeling in een honoursprogramma: hun projecten, begeleiding, belevenissen, dips en tips. Op basis van een analyse van deze interviews is in tien stappen hun proces in een 'cirkel van talentontwikkeling' beschreven. Ook acht van hun docenten komen aan het woord. De volledige interviews staan op een website.

Dit boek is bedoeld als inspiratiebron voor geïnteresseerden in talentontwikkeling. In het bijzonder voor (potentiële) honoursstudenten en honoursdocenten, maar ook voor ouders, reguliere studenten en docenten, en bestuurders, zodat zij inzicht krijgen in het proces van talentontwikkeling. Het biedt inspirerende verhalen van studenten over wat talent voor hen betekent en welke uitdagingen zij ervaren in het hoger onderwijs en hoe ze het aangepakt hebben. Uitdaging, community en grit, een combinatie van passie en doorzettingsvermogen, blijken daarbij belangrijk. Dit boek is geschreven door een groep honoursstudenten, met medewerking van onderzoekers en docenten van honoursonderwijs aan hogescholen en universiteiten, onder eindredactie van Pierre van EijI en Albert Pilot (beiden verbonden aan de Universiteit Utrecht). "Honours is meer dan alleen 'uitdaging', het gaat ook om je ontwikkeling als persoon. "

The Hope Family Calendar

Auteur: Mike Gayle

Een vader. Zijn kinderen. En het jaar dat alles veranderde.

Toms leven is een puinhoop. Sinds de plotselinge dood van zijn vrouw Laura heeft hij moeite zich staande te houden. Hij verschuilt zich achter zijn baan bij een grote commerciële tv-zender en heeft daardoor steeds minder tijd voor zijn twee dochtertjes. Gelukkig neemt Linda, zijn schoonmoeder, de meeste zorg op zich. Ooit konden ze het goed met elkaar vinden, maar Toms gedrag stoort Linda behoorlijk. Ze probeert hem op alle mogelijke manieren te helpen de dood van zijn vrouw te verwerken, maar hij weigert categorisch alle hulp. Dan neemt Linda een drastische beslissing: ze trekt zich terug uit het leven van haar schoonzoon en kleindochters en vertrekt naar Australië. Tom moet zich maar zien te redden. Geconfronteerd met de harde realiteit moet Tom alles op alles zetten om zijn gezin bij elkaar te houden. Zal Linda's list om Tom wakker te schudden slagen?

The human impact

Auteur: A. Goudie
on the natural environment

The Human Impact on the Natural Environment has become the classic student text on how human activity has changed and continues to change the face of the Earth. The fifth edition maintains the structure of the previous editions as it examines the human role in natural processes and systems. Areas covered include animals, vegetation, soils, landforms, water, the atmosphere, and climate. The book also considers future implications, particularly global warming.

The text and references of this edition have been updated throughout. The book includes new or expanded sections on species decline, pollution, sea level, ozone depletion, and climate change, as well as an expanded guide for further reading. It provides a comprehensive view of the major environmental issues facing the world today and gives students of the environment an essential introduction to the impact of humans on the Earth.