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Filosofie / Sociologie / Maatschappelijk

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Whose View of Life?

Auteur: Jane Maienschein

Taal: engels

Embryos, Cloning, and stem cells

Saving lives versus taking lives:the public regards human embryo research in these stark terms—as a battleground of extremes, a war between science and ethics. Precisely that simplistic dichotomy, propagated by vociferous opponents of abortion and proponents of medical research, is what Jane Maienschein seeks to counter with this book.

Whose View of Life? brings the current debates into sharper focus by examining developments in stem cell research, cloning, and embryology in historical and philosophical context and by exploring the legal, social, and ethical issues at the heart of what has become a political controversy. Drawing on her experience as a researcher, teacher, and congressional fellow, Maienschein's analysis serves as an aid to understanding the scientific and social forces that got us to where we are today. For example, she explains the long-established traditions behind conflicting views of how life begins—at conception or gradually, in the course of development.

She prepares us to engage a major question of our day: How can we, as a twenty-first-century democratic society, negotiate a course that allows us to be at the same time respectful of the competing views of life, confident in the strongest possible basis in scientific knowledge, and still able to respond to the momentous opportunities and challenges presented to us by modern biology? Maienschein's multidisciplinary perspective will provide a starting point for further attempts to answer this question.

Wolf noch hond

Auteur: Nerburn

over vergeten wegen in de schaduw van Sitting Bull

Kent Nerburn wordt op en dag gebeld door de kleindochter van Dan, een Cherokee-indiaan, met het verzoek de oude man te bezoeken omdat deze met hem wil spreken.
Vanaf dat moment wordt Nerburn betrokken bij het leven van de hedendaagse indianen, maar ook bij het harde verleden.

Een verleden dat wordt verteld vanuit het perspectief van een nazaat van een beroemde indianenstam.
Nerburn mag geen toeschouwer blijven, maar wordt door Dan ingewijd in het wezen van de indiaanse geest.
Hij onderwijst hem in aspecten als stilte, het verschil tussen land en landeigendom, en het wezen van ceremoniën.
Dan voert Nerburn door halfverlaten indiaanse stadjes, langs witte wegcafés en over vergeten wegen, waar het landschap nog de geest van Sitting Bull ademt.

Women in Contemporary Russia

Auteur: Berghahn Books, Incorporated

The position of Russia has always been difficult. In spite of the Revolution in 1917, the legal, economic, social and political inequalities between men and women have remained severe. For more than seventy years the official propaganda of the Soviet system deliberately concealed from the public, in the West as well as the East, the actual position of women, presenting it in rose-colored hues and proclaiming that, under socialism, the issue of the position of women in society had been resolved once and for all. However, the opposite was true: women increasingly suffered from overt and covert discrimination. In fact, the discrepancy between the official and actual positioning of working women became so acute that it led to serious social problems. The democratic reforms of the mid-1980s brought some positive changes at last; for the first time, the women's issue was recognized as an urgent socio-political problem requiring serious investigation and practical measures. The authors of this collection of original essays, most of whom are social scientists at the Moscow Academy of Science, examine those aspects of life of women in Russia today which aremost pressing, not least those arising from the multi-ethnic composition of the Russian Federation that comprises more than one hundred different nationalities and in which women constitute fifty-three per cent of the population.

Women in Muslim Family Law

Auteur: John L. Esposito / Natana Delong-Bas
second edition

An exploration of family law as it pertains to women with regard to marriage, divorce and inheritance in the Middle East. This second edition is revised to expand and update coverage of family law reforms that have taken place throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. It focuses on the historical and legal context for reform, and the methodology and extent of contemporary legal trends, particularly in Egypt and Pakistan.

Taal: engels

Women Want More

Auteur: Michael J. Silverstein

Taal: engels

Yes, but it turns out that these fantastic gains have come at a heavy price, as consumer goods experts Michael J. Silverstein and Kate Sayre discovered in an unprec-edented study of 12, 000 women in forty countries. That relentless upward climb has left women feel-ing stressed out, time starved, and overburdened. As a result, they look to products and services that will help them claw back time, juggle multiple roles, and capture a few moments of enjoyment. Women want more-much more, in every category of goods and services. And no matter what their age or economic situation or where they live in the world, women will spend trillions of dollars over the next decade on the brands that truly deliver:

• Home-cleaning products that enable women to do in an hour what used to take a day • Financial-services products that recognize that women control half the United States' wealth
• Food products that help keep the whole family happy and healthy
• Health care services designed for working-women's hectic schedules

In the coming years, women's influence will be so enormous that it will not only help bring us out of the economic downturn but also create one of the most dramatic market opportunities of our lifetime—bigger than the rise of China and India; more sustainable than any bailout package. Through quantitative data, profiles of indi-vidual women, and stories of winning companies, Women Want More provides business leaders with the understanding and practices they need to capture their share of the rising "female economy." 0909

World According to Pimm

Auteur: Stuart L. Pimm

Taal: engels
We use 50 percent of the world's freshwater supply. We consume 42 percent of the world's plant growth. We are liquidating animals and plants 199 times faster than the natural rate of extinction. Such numbers should make it clear that the human impact on our planet has been, and continues to be, extreme and detrimental. Yet even after decades of awareness of our environmental peril, there remains passionate disagreement over what the problems are and how they should be remedied. Much of the impasse stems from the fact that the problems are difficult to quantify. How do we assess the impact of habitat loss on various species, when we haven't even counted them all? And just what factors go into that 42 percent of biomass we are hungrily consuming? It is only through an understanding of the numbers that we will be able to break that impasse and come to agreement. Working on the front lines of conservation biology, Stuart Pimm is one of the pioneers whose work has put the "science" in environmental science. In this book, he appoints himself "investment banker of the global, biological accounts," checking the numbers gathered by tireless scientists in work that is always painstaking and often heartbreaking. Pimm explains the numerical results in lucid prose.

You Can't Lie to Me

Auteur: Janine Driver
Lie detection expert for the FBI, CIA and ATF

Drawn from years of behind-the-scenes knowledge, the latest scientific advances and dramatic case studies, a former investigator for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms--who is the go-to expert in lie detecting and body language for the media, the FBI, CIA and ATF--teaches readers how to get the real story in any situation. 50,000 first printing.

Taal: engels

Zarathustra's Secret

Auteur: Joachim Kohler
The interior life of Friedrich Nietzsche

Over a century after his death in 1900, Nietzsche remains a seminal figure in the history of European intellectual life. Celebrated as a liberator by some, maligned as a pernicious influence by others, he was the subject of controversy during his lifetime, pursuing a hedonistic individualism and espousing concepts such as the Superman and the Will to Power until he died, after a decade of institutionalized insanity. In this biography, Joachim Kohler seeks to understand Nietzsche's philosophy through a reconstruction of his inner life. Through a reinterpretation of his letters, diaries and writings, Kohler shows that Nietzsche's suppressed homosexuality, generating a hatred of Christianity and conventional morality, was a central influence on his work, and argues that his philosophical position was fundamentally compromised by the concealment of his forbidden sexual desire. Throughout his life, as the author demonstrates, the unhappy genius was also plagued by terrible nightmares, stemming from his much-loved father's death, which led to a profoundly disturbed conscience and an intense loathing of metaphysics. Seeking to disguise the truth of his innermost torments, Nietzsche contrived the persona of Zarathustra. The story of the great Persian philosopher, argues Kohler, reveals Nietzsche's own suppression and dionysiac liberation, and presents the culmination of his secret yearnings in the new myth of the Superman who, in his naked beauty, resembled the gods of classical Greece.

Taal: engels