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400 years and more of The British in Indonesia

Auteur: Richard Mann

Taal: Engels

Not many people know that Francis Drake was the first British navigator to sail into the Indonesian archipelago, arriving before the Dutch in the fabled Spice Islands of the Malukus in 1579 and beginning a relationship which has spanned more than 400 years.

Three hundred of those years were characterized by actual or diplomatic wars with Holland over the control of the islands which the Dutch sought to monopolize. There would also be tension with Indonesia’s founding President, Sukarno, when he launched military operations against Malaysia.

But, whatever the ups and downs of their relationships with the islands of the East Indies, the British kept coming back and today are the second largest investor in the country with growing two way trade in a great deal more than nutmegs and cloves.

This is the fascinating story of the British in Indonesia, never before told within the covers of a single book.

A antique Maps and charts

Auteur: A. L. Humphreys

Taal: engels

There can be few historical documents which offer the same combination of visual beauty, factual evidence and social interest as old maps. Through them we can trace the develop-ment of human knowledge about the world and the changing face of nation and city, while marvelling at the delicacy of colour and ornamentation achieved by their designers and printers. Arthur L. Humphreys based this history of map-making on the collection of A. G. H. Macpherson, who had acquired over 250 printed books, including at least one copy of all the major atlases published since the 1480s. The extraordinary diversity of the maps in Macpherson's possession, which cover a span of some 300 years in the history of printing, is reflected in the range of black and white and coloured plates selected for illustration here. It was during those 300 years that the great European navigators pushed the frontiers of exploration into the Americas, Africa and Asia, while an increasing interest in local topography led to a demand for town plans and county maps. The earliest wood-cuts representing the ancient Greek view of the world, in which detail fades as Europe is left behind, give way to accurate navigational charts of distant coast-lines and major ports. The later map-makers, however, saw no reason why their new representations of the world should be any less decorative. The gods who blew the winds from the edges of a flat earth were replaced by delightful vignettes of native peoples, mythical monsters by indigenous wild life. Map-making was as much an artistic as a scientific activity. Whatever the focus of their interest, as geographers, art-historians, or simply as people who are curious about the past, this new edition of Humphreys' work offers everybody the opportunity to enjoy old maps that have now become collectors' items.

A curious Life

Auteur: Katherine Gordon

Taal: engels

The biography of princess Peggy Abkhazi

When Peggy Abkhazi died in 1994 in her adopted hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, she left behind a life of privilege. Reigning with her royal Georgian husband over the internationally acclaimed Abkhazi Garden, she had come far from her orphanhood in the industrial slums of Lancaster, England.

Peggy's tumultuous ninety-two years intersected watershed events and locations of the twentieth century. She lived on the English Channel during the First World War, studied music in Paris in the bohemian twenties, and led a socialite's life in Shanghai during its racy thirties heyday. Most significantly, she was kept a prisoner in Japanese-occupied Shanghai for more than two years of the Second World War—an experience she took great risk to document in a clandestine journal. Despite many suitors, she remained unmarried for much of her life, acting as companion and caregiver to her adoptive mother. Peggy Abkhazi not only overcame adversity but turned it to her advantage, embracing life with humour and grace at every turn. A Curious Life tells the remarkable story of this strong, charismatic woman, from England to China to Canada; from pauper to prisoner to princess.

A Guide to Megalithic Ireland

Auteur: JH. Brennan

Taal: engels
It is estimated that there are around 1200 megalithic sites in Ireland. This invaluable guide is filled with information about the 'history, legends, and archaeological and alternative explanations for the existence of these mysterious monuments to our ancient past. Descriptions of the mythical characters and events which have become so much a part of this beautiful country are combined with a wealth of practical information, to make this the most comprehensive and intriguing work available on the subject. Sites are listed alphabetically, according to the nearest town, along with local directions, detailed map references, and associated legendary and historical background.

With Sixteen pages of magnificent black and white photographs, this fascinating handbook is essential reading for the armchair traveller, amateur historian, and any visitor wishing to investigate and admire the amazing legacies of our megalithic ancestors.

A history of South Africa

Auteur: Leonard Thompson

Taal: engels

In the revised version of this acclaimed work, Leonard Thompson has added a new chapter, outlining the country's remarkable transition from a racist political order to a democratic one. A substantial new preface has also been added, and footnotes have been ex-panded. Above all, this penetrating exploration of South Africa's eventful history—from the earliest known human settlement of the region to the present day—focuses primarily on the experiences of the black inhabitants rather than on those of the white minority.

A History of the Indians of the United States

Auteur: Angie Debo

taal: engels

In 1906 when the Creek Indian Chitto Harjo was protesting the United States government's liquidation of his tribe's lands, he began his argument with an account of Indian history from the time of Columbus, ''for, of course, a thing has to have a root before it can grow. '' Yet even today most intelligent non-Indian Americans have little knowledge of Indian history and affairs those lessons have not taken root.

This book is an in-depth historical survey of the Indians of the United States, including the Eskimos and Aleuts of Alaska, which isolates and analyzes the problems which have beset these people since their first contacts with Europeans. Only in the light of this knowledge, the author points out, can an intelligent Indian policy be formulated.

In the book are described the first meetings of Indians with explorers, the dispossession of the Indians by colonial expansion, their involvement in imperial rivalries, their beginning relations with the new American republic, and the ensuing century of war and encroachment.

The most recent aspects of government Indian policy are also detailed the good and bad administrative practices and measures to which the Indians have been subjected and their present situation.

Miss Debo's style is objective, and throughout the book the distinct social environment of the Indians is emphasized—an environment that is foreign to the experience of most white men. Through ignorance of that culture and life style the results of non-Indian policy toward Indians have been centuries of blundering and tragedy.

In response to Indian history, an enlightened policy must be formulated: protection of Indian land, vocational and educational training, voluntary relocation, encouragement of tribal organization, recognition of Indians' social groupings, and reliance on Indians' abilities to direct their own lives.

The result of this new policy would be a chance for Indians to live now, whether on their own land or as adjusted members of white society. Indian history is usually highly specialized and is never recorded in books of general history. This book unifies the many specialized volumes which have been written about their history and culture. It has been written not only for persons who work with Indians or for students of Indian culture, but for all Americans of good will.

A Life of Jung

Auteur: Ronald Hayman

Taal: engels

Carl Jung was one of the world's most influ-ential psychoanalysts. With the exception of Freud, who chose him as the first president of the International Psychoanalytic Associ-ation, no psychologist has achieved more. He initiated groundbreaking ideas, yet trusted only his impulses. He astonished patients by reading their minds and answering questions they hadn't yet asked. He saved some from psychosis, but drove others to despair. His outspokenness was sometimes brutal and sometimes impressive. Throughout his life his charisma attracted both women and men, including numerous patients and a priest, yet he rarely returned the fondness he inspired. He would empty his chamber pot out of the window of his tower house without checking whether someone was underneath, but was rightly regarded as a great man. Previous biographers have either made Jung an idol or condemned him for his failings. Ronald Hayman neither ignores Jung's faults nor exaggerates them in investigating the most crucial questions surrounding this enigmatic figure. What actually went on during Jung's sessions with patients? Was his mother insane? Was he a borderline case? What were the consequences of a homosexu-al episode in his boyhood? Was he pro-Nazi or anti-Semitic? How many affairs did he have with his patients? Why did he fail to sustain any of his friendships with men? Did he believe in ghosts, magic, and miracles? Did he sometimes mean "God" when he said the "Unconscious"? Why was he so secretive?

Was his grandfather Goethe's illegitiniate son? Did he see himself as a reincarnation of Goethe or as the man who could save humanity from nuclear destruction by psychologizing Christianity? Hayman has been given access to a sub: stantial amount of unpublished material that has not been used by previous biographers. Impeccably researched and written with notable objectivity, A Life of Jung offers a rare insight into how Jung's revolutionary ideas grew out of his own extraordinary-experiences.

A Living Lens

Auteur: Alana Newhouse
Photographs of jewish life from the pages of the forward

Taal: Engels

This extraordinary volume features classic photographs of the history one has learned to associate with the Forward-Lower East Side pushcarts, Yiddish theater, labor rallies-along with gems no one would expect. The premiere national Jewish newspaper has opened up its never-before-seen archives, revealing a photographic landscape of Jews in the twentieth century and beyond. From shtetl beauty contests and matchmakers caught mid-deal to the streets of the New World; from diaspora communities and mandate Palestine to the Holocaust, the Soviet Jewry movement, and the emergence of Jewish suburbia; from Paul Muni and Barbra Streisand to Woody Allen and Madonna-this book is a kaleidoscopic array of modern Jewish life. Original essays are included by leading intellectuals and historians, including Leon Wieseltier, J. Hoberman, Roger Kahn, and Deborah E. Lipstadt, plus an introduction by Pete Hamill. A great gift book in the tradition of Roman Vishniac's A Vanished World and Frederic Brenner's Diaspora: Homelands in Exile.