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Geschiedenis / Biografie

Als het donker wordt wat zal ik zeggen

Auteur: Derksen

Eens hoorde ik een dominee zeggen: "Iedereen wil naar de hemel, maar niemand wil dood. " Desondanks sterft de mens of hij nou wil of niet. Niets maakt zoveel indruk als de dood. Nabestaanden blijven meestal bedroefd en verbijsterd achter en zij willen de mensheid daarvan in kennis stellen. Toch bevredigde het louter kennisgeven van de droefheid kennelijk niet. Men kan een overledene met meer poëtisch elan uitwuiven, dan door alleen te wijzen op het eigen verdriet dat hij of zij heeft nagelaten. Zo is er bijna geruisloos een geheel nieuwe cultuur ontstaan: de rouwpoëzie. In vele vormen is, dit terug te vinden. Alleen in de keuze van een krant blijkt al een groot verschil. De rouwpoëzie in het NRC-Handelsblad wijkt erg af van die in De Telegraaf. In Trouw zijn het weer voornamelijk psalmen die in de advertenties worden gebruikt. Leo Derksen maakte een selectie van de mooiste, ontroerendste en opmerkelijkste rouwpoëzie. Leo Derksen schreef dertien boeken. Dit wordt zijn veertiende. Als columnist van het dagblad De Telegraaf kreeg hij nationale bekendheid. Zijn verzamelde columns gingen in groten getale over de toonbank.

Alternatives to Hitler

Auteur: Hans Mommsen

Taal: engels

"Those Germans, such as Count Claus von Stauffenberg, who fought the Third Reich from within have been mythologised as heroes in the fight against tyranny, but the truth is far more complex.

Resistance to Hitler is a central and much debated topic of the history of Nazism. In this seminal study, the renowned contemporary historian Hans Mommsen reveals the diversity of the political aims held by these 'other Germans'. He analyses the ideologies of the assassination plot of July 20th, 1944, as well as those of the Kreisau Circle and the conservative, socialist, church and military oppositions. These resistance groups all endeavoured to find a viable alternative to Hitler and to achieve a moral renewal of politics and society.

Yet many of them rejected democracy and had a sometimes ambivalent attitude towards the persecution of the Jews. Rather than idealising the German resistance to Hitler, Hans Mommsen interprets it as a political movement dependent on the conditions of its time.

ALTERNATIVES TO HITLER is set to become the definitive work on its subject, of vital importance for scholars and students and all those interested in the history of World War II.

America Lightning

Auteur: Howard Blum

Terror, Mystery, Movie-making & the crim of the century

The Uncorrected Proof - Not for Sale - version!

Taal: engels

On October 1, 1910, an explosion tore through the offices of the Los Angeles Tithes, killing twenty aridlinjuring. dozens of others. Part of a planned assault on one hundred American cities, the attack was dubbed the "crime of the century," and a stunned nation instantly preoccupied itself with guessing the identity Of the perpetrators. hat followed was a seminal episode in America's history, one that would spark a national debate about the limits of individual liberty and draw into the investigation's orbit master sleuth William J: Burns, crusading lawyer Clarence Darrow, and industry-shaping filmmaker D. W. Griffith.

Simultaneously offering the absorbing reading experience of a can't-put-it-down thriller and the perception-altering resonance of a story whose reverb,prations,continue even today, American Lightning is sure to enthrall all who read it.

America's great illustrators

Auteur: S. E. Meyer

Taal: engels

he Golden Age of illustration was a time when the best in popular writing combined with the best in popular art to shape much of the American character as we know it today. At the end of the nineteenth century and during the early decades of the twentieth, books and periodicals provided the major source of public entertainment. The contributors appearing in their pages assumed an importance of unprecedented proportions; no American of the period could remain unaffected by the millions of pictures circulated each week. The ten American illustrators represented here played a crucial role in governing the cultural appetites of the day, and these ten in particular have endured as America's favorites: Howard Pyle, N. C. Wyeth, Frederic Remington, Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell, J. C. Leyendecker, Charles Dana Gibson, Howard Chandler Christy, James Montgomery Flagg, and John Held Jr. Each is represented fully in this lavishly illustrated volume. Howard Pyle—regarded as the Father of American Illustration—inspired an entire generation of illustrators through his own work and through his teaching. From his school came N. C. Wyeth, whose illustrations of historical novels, children's classics, and epic tales of adventure and valor are still widely circulated today. Frederic Remington's paintings of the West document America's expanding frontier, a dramatic record of a time long past. Maxfield Parrish—best known for his widely reproduced Daybreak and Garden of Allah—has once again become an artist in fashion, his distinctive illustrations frequently seen in current books and periodicals. Of all the artists here, however, none has enjoyed greater popularity or has influenced more illustrators than Norman Rockwell; his good-natured men, women, and children have been welcomed by Americans for more than sixty years. The influence of J. C. Leyendecker is also everywhere present in contemporary illustration, his Arrow Collar Man having established a unique image of the American male. The ideal American female was best depicted by Charles Dana Gibson, whose renowned Gibson Girl set the fashions for an entire generation of American women at the turn of the century. In the following generation, Howard Chandler Christy ushered in another version of the ideal American female. When his "Christy Girl" exclaimed, "Gee I Wish I Were a Man" on a war poster, thousands of young men enlisted in the Navy to serve in World War I. At the same time, James Montgomery Flagg's Uncle Sam summoned hoards of men to enlist in the Army, "I Want You" becoming the most famous American military poster of all time. John Held Jr. closed the generation with a new type of American male and female ideal: enter the flapper and her Joe College date. These ten artists, whose work is so lovingly reproduced here, depicted the many faces of our nation, their popular images forming a composite portrait of America. A chronology, selected bibliography, and index round out the volume.


Auteur: Ed van der Elsken
Oude foto's 1947-1970

Mijn Amsterdam. Mijn Amsterdammers'. Dat wilde Ed van der Elsken vastleggen, het liefst van lekker dichtbij. 'Mensen uit fatsoenlijke buurten, de Nieuwmarkt, de Jodenbuurt, de Pijp, Kattenburg. Mensen die nooit op de Apollolaan komen of op de Goudkust, nou ja misschien als melkboer, of als inbreker.'
Ed van der Elsken hield van reuring, van actie. Niet voor niets noemde hij Amsterdam 'mijn jachtterrein'. Hij fotografeerde demonstraties, de markt, de kermis, het verkeer. Maar ook werklui, rebelse jongeren en mooie meiden. En 'vuile knolsmerissen' die bij relletjes vaak hardhandig ingrepen. De foto's die hij tussen 1947 en 1970 in 'zijn stad' maakte bundelde hij in het fotoboek Amsterdam!, waarvan de eerste druk verscheen in 1979. Zijn vernieuwende en ontwapenende stijl maakten het boek tot een klassieker.

Amsterdamse hoerdom


De liften en streeken , daar zich de Hoeren en Hoere-waardinnen van dienen ; benevens der zelver maniere van leeven, dwaaze bygelovigheden, en in 't algemeen alles 't geen by deze Juffers in gebruik is.

An Evil Crading

Auteur: Brian Keenan


Brian Keenan went to Beirut in 1985 for a change from his native Belfast. He became headline news when he was kidnapped by fundamentalist Shi'ite militiamen and held in the suburbs of Beirut for the next four and a half years. For much of that time he was shut off from all news and contact with anyone other than his jailers and, later, his fellow hostages, amongst them John McCarthy.

Brian Keenan emerged from the compression chamber of isolation with a rare gift intact. In this book he uses that gift to expore the 'evil cradling' of secret captivity with ruthless insight, honesty and poetry.

The claustrophobia of the hostage, the helplessness of undergoing a sentence without term or reason, is described here in ways the reader is unlikely to forget.

Brian Keenan's openness and integrity captured the hearts of millions of people after his release, but it is the mark of his quality as a writer that he is unwilling merely to be the exhostage, the man who has suffered on our behalf. He is far more interesting and complex than that, and he makes the emptiness of imprisonment speak.

Ancient Kosova

This portion of the archaological heritage of Kosova is an attempt to bring back the spirit of pre-historic and ancient times. Reading this book may help in understanding the resistance and vitality of the people of Kosova during the struggles of the recent history.