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Van oud naar nieuw

Auteur: Barker
Oude meubels repareren, opknappen en decoreren.

Oude, afgedankte meubels krijgen door dit boek een tweede leven. Allereerst laat het zien hoe kapotte meubels gerepareerd kunnen worden. De meubels ondergaan een metamorfose door middel van verf- en decoratietechnieken en worden eigentijdse aanwinsten voor het interieur. Technieken zoals sjabloneren, decoupage, vergulden, mozaïeken, stempelen en verschillende verftechnieken worden toegepast en helder beschreven. De duidelijke instructies met stap-voor-stap foto's zorgen dat iedereen van oude meubels een fantastisch opgeknapt meubelstuk kan maken.

Vintage T-Shirts

Auteur: Marc Guetta

This title presents the overwhelming power of the classic undershirt. With the addition of just a few letters or an image the simple T-shirt can become a personal billboard. Ironically, though it started life as the standard issue undershirt of the U. S. military, by the mid-70s this humble garment had become a vector for self-expression and individualism, as countless political slogans were emblazoned on its front. Worn by the masses and the privileged alike, the printed T-shirt has since been embraced by high fashion, street culture, and everything in between. Yet its basic form and function are unchanged, and this quintessentially American item - best teamed with a pair of blue jeans - remains the simplest and most direct way of broadcasting our ideals and alleigances, sense of humor and cultural passions. Selected from the collection of Marc and Patrick Guetta, owners of World of Vintage T-Shirts on Melrose Avenue, this book assembles over 850 stone-cold classics of the genre. Drawn primarily from the golden era of the 1970s and 1980s, these vintage T-shirts are not merely nostalgic artifacts; they represent an historical record of political, popular and corporate thought in America. Vintage T-Shirts documents the most striking variations on this infinitely versatile garment. With an introduction on the history of the T-shirt in American popular culture by Alison Nieder, Vintage T-Shirts is an essential work of reference for anyone interested in pop culture, fashion, or graphic design.

Taal: engels


Auteur: Reuvers

Waggels zijn volgens de schrijfster dikke fantasiewezentjes met korte beentjes, waardoor ze alleen maar kunnen waggelen. Ze lijken op trollen, zijn even lui en gemakzuchtig, maar missen het boosaardige. De hoofdbestanddelen waarvan ze worden gemaakt, zijn zelfhardende klei en tempexbolletjes. Het boetseren van een basismodel wordt uitgebreid en stap voor stap uitgelegd, ondersteund door veel duidelijke instructiefoto's in zwart-wit.

weg met de warboel

Auteur: Karen Kingston

Overal in onze omgeving verzamelen we rotzooi, in huis en op de werkplek, in de auto en zelfs in ons lichaam. Karen Kingston legt uit dat de warboel om ons heen van grote invloed is op hoe we ons fysiek, mentaal, emotioneel en spiritueel voelen.

What Your Clothes Say About You

Auteur: Trinny & Susannah
How to look different, act different and feel different

Susannah and Trinny can tell how you feel about yourself by how you dress. You may not necessarily be dressing badly, just stuck in a 'look' - and knowing how to change that can help you move forward and be who you would like to be. This book shows how to project yourself in a positive way through your clothes. It shows how to re-tune your appearance so that you can tell the world you are who you want to be. When you look different you will act different, when you act different you will feel different.

What's Age Got to Do with It?

Auteur: Robin Mcgraw

Taal: engels

Living your happiest & Healthiest life

Though it's her husband, Dr. Phil, who has his own nationally-syndicated talk show, Robin McGraw's appearances on the show draw thousands of questions from viewers of all ages who want to know how she looks and feels so fabulous at the age of fifty-five. In What's Age Got to Do with it?, Robin shares her journey, including the ups and downs, and the secrets for staying healthy and in shape.

She also provides insider information from a panel of top experts in the areas of Fitness, Nutrition, Skin Care, Menopause, Hair, Makeup, and Fashion. Robin says, "To me, aging gracefully isn't accepting what aging does to you. It means taking care of your health, wanting to look your best, and knowing that it is not conceited, egotistical, or selfish to do so. "All rights reserved.

No portion of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means---electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or any other---except for brief quotation in printed reviews, without the prior written permission of the publisher. This publication is intended to provide authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. The publisher and author are not engaged in rendering medical or other professional services and do not have financial or commericial interest in any of the products, services, or professionals mentioned in this book. If you require medical advice or other expert assistance, you should seek the services of a competent professional. If you've had these or similar thoughts, you're not alone. Robin McGraw receives thousands of emails from women asking her what she does to look and feel so vibrant, energetic, and healthy at the age of fifty-five. It all started back in Robin's twenties and thirties when pivotal moments made her realize that if she did not put her health and well-being first, no one else would. In her early thirties, Robin experienced the sudden death of her mother, a wonderful woman who put the needs of her family above her own and, as result, didn't know that her health was ailing. This tragedy made Robin realize that in order to be the best wife, mother, and woman possible, she had to take care of herself as if her life depended on it. Robin says, "I wrote this book, not only to answer questions about what I do to stay healthy and in shape, but to remind women that it's time to move yourself to the top of your list of priorities. It's never too early to start taking care of yourself, but it's also never, ever too late. "

Who Do You Want To Be Today?

Auteur: Trinny & Susannah
Be inspired tot dress differently

It's tempting to find a formula and stick to it, wearing the same look day in and day out. But life, thank heavens, is not one endless Groundhog Day.

It's time to have some fun with your wardrobe. So dive in, be inspired, get creative and indulge yourself. You could be a Diva like Susannah or a Rock Chick like Trinny.
We'll show you how to be the star of your own show - to be who you want to be today.

Taal: engels

Wine & Design

Taal: engels

Nestled by rows of luscious grapevines, wineries evoke images of fine living few other places can rival. The spirit of each winery is as distinctive as the wines it produces. With a multitude of unique design touches, each one creates a sense of place, and a charming invitation to slow down and savor a way of life deeply rooted in growing cycles and the seasons. This lavishly illustrated compendium showcases the new wave of winery buildings. This school of design takes its lead from architect Herzog de Meuron's 1997 design for Dominus Winery, setting a trend away from the rustic and embracing the sleekest contemporary ethos. Since then leading wineries have commissioned chic tasting rooms and spectacular facilities by architectural luminaries such as Santiago Calatrava, Rafael Moneo, Zaha Hadid, Frank O. Gehry and Norman Foster. ? A unique gift for the wine connoisseur and design devotee alike ? A compelling look at all the design elements that make up the world's most beautiful wineries