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ISBN: 9781847170323
Per Boek Wijzer Taal: engels

Auteur: Padraig O'Keeffe

Pádraig O'Keeffe joined the elite and secretive French Foreign Legion at the age of twenty, seeking a challenge that would absorb his interests and intensity. He served with the Legion in Cambodia and Bosnia, then returned to civilian life, but military habits would not allow him to settle.

His need for intense excitement and extreme danger drove him back to the lifestyle he knew and loved, and using his Legion training, he became a "hidden soldier' by opting for security missions in Iraq and Haiti.

In Iraq he was the sole survivor of an ambush in no man's land between Abu Ghraib and Fallujah, the most dangerous place on earth.

An intense, exciting and vivid account of extraordinary and sometimes horrific events, Hidden Soldier lifts the veil on the dark and shadowy world of security contractors and what the situation is really like in Iraq as well as other trouble spots.

This bestseller also includes photographs taken by Padraig O'Keeffe while he was a Legionnaire and when he was in Iraq.

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    NUR 680
    Aantal pagina's 336 pagina's
    Auteur Padraig O'Keeffe | Ralph Riegel
    Bindwijze Hardcover
    Category Boeken
    Category Politiek
    Category Historische romans
    Category Geschiedenis
    Category Militaire wetenschappen
    Category Techniek & Technologie
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    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Geschiedenis & Maatschappij>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Geschiedenis & Maatschappij><Politiek>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Techniek & Technologie><Militaire wetenschappen>
    Illustraties Met illustraties
    ISBN13 9781847170323
    Taal Engels
    Uitgever O'Brien Press
    Verschijningsdatum september 2007
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