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ISBN: 9780575021075
Per Boek Wijzer Auteur: J. Krishnamurti

Taal: engels

We have published books by Krishnamurti for over twenty years and the form they have taken has usually been one of question and answer. These "conversation" books have had a very wide appeal and their method of approach has undoubtedly been most useful in helping vast numbers of people to elucidate their own problems. Now, however, we have rather a different sort of book, and one in which Krishnamurti himself writes directly of his thoughts and experi-ences. In June 1961 he began to keep a daily record of his perceptions and states of consciousness. It is a kind of diary but one that is little concerned with the day to day process of living, though much aware of the natural world. The text, which covers seven months of his life, is given almost exactly as he wrote it with only a minimum of editing. Mary Lutyens (who edited several of the earlier conversational books) contributes a brief Foreword in which she says: "He wrote clearly, in pencil, and with virtually no erasures . . . the record starts abruptly and ends abruptly. Krishnamurti himself cannot say what prompted him to begin it. He had never kept such a record before, nor has he kept one since. . . . "In this unique daily record we have what may be called the well-spring of Krishnamurti's teaching. The whole essence of his teaching is here, arising from its natural source. Just as he himself writes in these pages that 'every time there is some-thing "new" in this benediction, a "new" quality, a "new" perfume, but yet it is changeless', so the teaching that springs from it is never quite the same although often repeated. In the same way, the trees, mountains, rivers, clouds, sunlight, birds and flowers that he describes over and over again are forever `new' because they are seen each time with eyes that have never become accustomed to them; each day they are a totally fresh perception for him, and so they become for us. " Krishnamurti was in New York when he started writing this record, and his visit there was the culmina-tion of a busy half year in India, as well as in Rome, Florence, and London. He had given many talks in all these places and was to continue travelling and speaking in public while writing this diary. His descrip-tions of the ecstasy that came to him almost every day, yet always un-expectedly and unsought, and often accompanied by acute physical pain, will be of immense significance not only to those who follow his teach-ings but to all who are interested in heightened states of consciousness.

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