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Kunst en Cultuur

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Auteur: Howard Hibbard
With 608 full-color and 442 black and white illustrations

Taal: Engels

Howard Hibbard The Metropolitan NMuseum of Art in New York is one of the world's great rivaling the British Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris. This magnificent book offers a general look at all the collections in the eighteen separate departments, a history of the museum itself since its inception, and a concise history of world art. Its value as a reference work will he as great as the appeal of its profuse and sumptuous illustrations, some six hundred of which are in full color. It is undoubtedly the best and most comprehensive book written on the subject.

Founded in 188o, the Metropolitan Museum has steadily built up rich collections in a prodigious number of fields, with the periodic help of important gifts such as those of the H.O. Havemeyer and LP. Morgan collections. Approximately half of the museum is devoted to its collections of western paintings, drawings, sculpture, and applied arts from approximately 1350 to the present day. Outstanding among these collections are the Renaissance works and the French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. American art, twentieth-century art, musical instruments, arms and armor, and costumes are also strongly represented here. In addition, the Metropolitan Museum of Art possesses one of the world's most complete collections of ancient Egyptian art, important collections of early Mesopotamian art, Greek and Roman art from all periods, Early Christian and Byzantine art, Islamic art, including textiles, manuscripts and ceramics, and oriental art from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Also found in the Cloisters, a separate division of the museum, are representations of medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic art.

This book provides the reader with a glorious celebration of the Metropolitan's riches. Well written and authoritative, The Metropolitan Museum of Art describes and illustrates the full range of the museum's masterpieces and curiosities — from Buddhas to musical instruments, from costumes to madonnas.

1000 extra / ordinary objects

Auteur: Olivero Toscani

Taal: Engels

This work celebrates the difference in everyday objects, showing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Discover the absurdity of objects from around the world from a packet of EMU cutlets to the differences between flyswatters from Zimbabwe and South Korea.

1000 kleurencombinaties voor drukwerk en web

Auteur: Graham Davis

Kleur is fundamenteel voor alle ontwerpen. Het kan gebruikt worden om een stemming op te roepen, de aandacht te trekken, een product identiteit te geven of om informatie te organiseren. Hoe kleuren eruit zien wordt altijd beinvloed door de omringende kleuren: het kiezen van een geschikte combinatie is dus essentieel. Dat is precies waar dit boek over gaat. -bevat kant-en-klare kleurencombinaties op cd-rom, die geformatteerd zijn voor de meest gebruikte ontwerpprogramma«s: Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress en Dreamweaver.
-alle combinaties zijn vrij van auteursrechten en kunnen keer op keer gebruikt worden.
-de stalen zijn georganiseerd naar kleurschema, waardoor de juiste schakeringen voor elk project makkelijk gevonden kunnen worden.
-bij alle kleuren zijn de CMYK-, RGB- en hex-waarden gevoegd, zodat u deze direct in het door u gewenste programma kunt invoeren.

500 Manga Heroes & Villains

Auteur: H. Mccarthy

Fans of the Japanese cartoon art genre called manga, and of its sister genre anime?or manga-style films?will treasure this survey of an art form currently sweeping the world. The book is an illustrated history of Japanese comics, with separate chapters devoted to male and female heroes and villains, non-humanoid characters, and even manga depictions of historical and literary characters. Brief descriptive sketches of all characters accompany colorful illustrations of heroes and villains caught in moments of dramatic action. Key figures include Astro Boy, Akira, Lupin III, Pokemon, and many others. Just as fascinating are biographical sketches of several of the world's most successful manga artists including Motoko Kusanagi, as well as Astro Boy's creator Osamu Tezuka, and many others. As the first illustrated book to show and evaluate sucha wide range of manga characters, 500 Manga Heroes and Villains is an essential basic reference source for both manga fans and popular-culture historians. Approximately 200 memorable color illustrations.

Taal: engels

A Choice Collection

Auteur: Buvelot / Buijs
seventeeth-Century Dutch paintings from the Frits Lugt Collection

Taal: Engels

In Parijs bevindt zich een bijzondere collectie tekeningen, prenten, kunstenaarsbrieven en schilderijen. Die collectie is bijeengebracht door de Nederlandse verzamelaar Frits Lugt (1884-1970). Lugt had een voorkeur voor het uitzonderlijke in het oeuvre van bekende schilders. Het ging hem niet zozeer om het vergaren van zo veel mogelijk kunstwerken, maar om de juiste keuze. A choice Collectio is rijk geïllustreerd en bestaat uit een beschrijvende catalogus van de 36 geselecteerde schilderijen, voorafgegaan door een inleidend essay over Lugt als kunstverzamelaar en -handelaar.

A concise history of English Painting

Auteur: William Guant

Taal: engels

Though English painting has always been susceptible to influence coming from abroad, it has retained an individual character of its own down to the present day. The comparative isolation of British art’has given a special significance to the work of those artists whose genius transcends its boundaries. yet the, general character of English painting can be defined for us by the work of a number of great individuals: Hogarth’s illustration of social life; Gainsborough's intimacy of feeling; the devotion to landscape of Constable and Turner; the intellectual fervour and compressed classicism of Stubbs; the poetic vision of Blake and Palmer. The aim of this book is to give as complete a view of _English painting .as possible: It ranges from England’s position in the Middle Ages, and the English character- istics which may be discerned in pictorial art prior to the Tudor period, tothe influence of Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism and abstract'art, seen as a prelude to a flourishing modern period. The illustrations have been chosen to showcharacteristic works of the artists but, at the same time, to avoid further reproduction of very familiar paintings in preference for lesser known works.

A Guide to Megalithic Ireland

Auteur: JH. Brennan

Taal: engels
It is estimated that there are around 1200 megalithic sites in Ireland. This invaluable guide is filled with information about the 'history, legends, and archaeological and alternative explanations for the existence of these mysterious monuments to our ancient past. Descriptions of the mythical characters and events which have become so much a part of this beautiful country are combined with a wealth of practical information, to make this the most comprehensive and intriguing work available on the subject. Sites are listed alphabetically, according to the nearest town, along with local directions, detailed map references, and associated legendary and historical background.

With Sixteen pages of magnificent black and white photographs, this fascinating handbook is essential reading for the armchair traveller, amateur historian, and any visitor wishing to investigate and admire the amazing legacies of our megalithic ancestors.

A handbook of modern life

Taal: engels

Auteur: Humphrey Ocean

Catalogus van Humphrey Ocean met een serie van 100 nieuwe portretten die tentoongesteld worden in The National Portrait Gallery in Londen (vanaf 23 november 2012). Ocean vertaalt het portretschilderen naar de moderne tijd. Oceaan zegt zelf: 'I am the non-mechanical Instamatic' en waar anderen werken met megapixels, hanteert hij de kwast.
Humphrey Ocean (Sussex 1951) woont en werkt in Londen. Hij ging naar kunstacademies in Tunbridge Wells, Brighton en Canterbury. In 2004 werd hij verkozen tot Royal Academician.
Zijn werk bevindt zich in de British Council Collection, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Imperial War Museum, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, National Maritime Museum en het Victoria and Albert Museum.
The publication of the book coincides with the opening of a new display of Ocean's work at the National Portrait Gallery inLondon. It is the third in a series, following those by artists Francis Alÿs and Alex Katz, which is concerned with different approaches to the portrait in contemporary art.