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Romans en thrillers

Literaire werken maar ook de betere romans en thrillers vindt u hier.

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The Bourne Ascendancy

Taal: engels

Auteur: R. Ludlum & Eric van Lustbader

Jason Bourne is back in this new novel in Robert Ludlum's legendary series.

Jason Bourne is now working as a 'blacksmith' - someone who is hired by high-level government ministers fearful of assassination attempts. He is paid to impersonate these men at meetings in places of uncertain security around the globe. Bourne is at one such meeting when armed gunmen storm the room - but their target is not the minister he impersonates, it is Bourne himself.

Kidnapped and transported to an underground bunker, Bourne finds himself face-to-face with a well-known terrorist, a man who calls himself El Ghadan ('Tomorrow'). El Ghadan demands that Bourne carry out a special mission for him - one, that if completed, will have dire consequences for the entire world.

The Charming Quirks Of Others

Taal: engels

Auteur: Alexander McCall Smith |

As well as its advantages, there are drawbacks to the enlightened village that is twenty-first-century Edinburgh, where every Saturday night ears burn at dinner parties across the city, and anyone requiring the investigative abilities of a philosophical soul knows where to find her.

Jillian McKinlay -- wife of a trustee of an illustrious school -- is the latest petitioner; she asks Isabel to look into a poison-pen letter that makes insinuations about applicants for the position of principal. Isabel's niece Cat has another new boyfriend who seems too good to be true. And when a pretty cellist with a tragic story takes a fancy to her husband-to-be, Isabel finds herself contemplating an act of heroic and alarming self-sacrifice.

The children act

Taal: engels

Auteur: Ian McEwan

Fiona Maye is a respected High Court judge, renowned for her exactitude and calm professionalism. But when her husband of thirty years standing shocks her with an unreasonable request, she finds her life in crisis. At precisely the same time, she is ordered to try a new case.

Fiona Maye is a leading High Court judge, presiding over cases in the family court. She is renowned for her fierce intelligence, exactitude and sensitivity. But her professional success belies private sorrow and domestic strife. There is the lingering regret of her childlessness, and now, her marriage of thirty years is in crisis.

At the same time, she is called on to try an urgent case: for religious reasons, a beautiful seventeen-year-old boy, Adam, is refusing the medical treatment that could save his life, and his devout parents share his wishes. Time is running out. Should the secular court overrule sincerely held faith? In the course of reaching a decision Fiona visits Adam in hospital - an encounter which stirs long-buried feelings in her and powerful new emotions in the boy. Her judgment has momentous consequences for them both.

The Chocolate War & Beyond the Chocolate War Bind-up

Taal: engels

Auteur: Robert Cormier

The head of Trinity College asks Archie Costello, the leader of The Vigils, a secret society that rules the school, to sell 20,000 boxes of chocolates in the annual fund-raising effort. Archie sees the chance of adding to his power but newcomer, Jerry Renault, refuses to sell them. Enormous mental and physical pressure is put on him but he will not give in - the result is an inevitable, explosive tragedy. The story continues in Beyond the Chocolate War. As the school year closes, many students look forward to leaving but Carter and Obie, leading members of The Vigils, can't contemplate the future until they have destroyed Archie Costello. Robert Cormier's hard-hitting novels make compulsive reading.

The Colors of All the Cattle

Taal: engels

Auteur: Alexander McCall Smith

In this latest installment of the beloved and best-selling No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, Precious Ramotswe finds herself running for office—much to her dismay.

When Mma Potokwane suggests to Mma Ramotswe that she run for a seat on the Gaborone City Council, Mma Ramotswe is at first reluctant. But when she learns that developers plan to build the flashy Big Fun Hotel next to a graveyard, she allows herself to be persuaded. Her opponent is none other than Mma Makutsi's old nemesis, Violet Sephotho, who is in the pocket of the hotel developers. Although Violet is intent on using every trick in the book to secure her election, Mma Ramotswe refuses to guarantee anything beyond what she can deliver; hence her slogan: "I can't promise anything—but I shall do my best."

Meanwhile, Mma Ramotswe has acquired a new client: one of her late father's old friends, who was the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Charlie volunteers to be the lead investigator in the case to prove he's ready to be more than an apprentice, as well as to impress a new girlfriend. With Charlie's inquiries landing him in hot water and Election Day fast approaching, Mma Ramotswe will have to call upon her good humor and gen­erosity of spirit to help the community navigate these thorny issues, and to prove that honesty and compassion will always carry the day.

The complete works of William Shakespeare


Taal: engels
"All the world's a stage And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances And one man in his time plays many parts"
Here is the world in a book - the world of Shakespeare, which strikes chords in readers of every age, sex and nationality.
The Complete Works of Shakespeare is a volume comparable to the Bible in terms of its universal appeal and influence. Here is the whole range of human experience described in the greatest flowering of English prose and verse which has ever been known.

The Crane Wife

Taal: engels

Auteur: Patrick Ness

One night, George Duncan - decent man, a good man - is woken by a noise in his garden. Impossibly, a great white crane has tumbled to earth, shot through its wing by an arrow. Unexpectedly moved, George helps the bird, and from the moment he watches it fly off, his life is transformed. The next day, a kind but enigmatic woman walks into George's shop. Suddenly a new world opens up for George, and one night she starts to tell him the most extraordinary story. Wise, romantic, magical and funny, The Crane Wife is a hymn to the creative imagination and a celebration of the disruptive and redemptive power of love.
This is shortlisted for the 2013 National Book Awards UK Author of the Year.

The Dark Room

Taal: engels

Taal: duits

Auteur: Rachel Seiffert

The Dark Room is a careful study of three Germans affected by the Second World War: Helmut the young photographer with the deformed arm; Lore the 12-year-old who manages to get her refugee siblings to Hamburg in 1945; and Micha the young teacher who pursues the truth about his grandfather's war years 50 years later. Seiffert writes about the "real, everyday people", about the ones who didn't actually "do it". She writes chronologically, from Helmut's birth in 1921 to Micha living in Germany in 1997, and widens the time-frame with each story.
Helmut is unable to join up because of his weak arm--his parents become ashamed of him in Nazi Germany. Yet by taking part in the last-ditch stand against the Russian invasion of Berlin in 1945 he is at last happy. His story, represented through his tiny photographer's lens, is indicative of his own narrow vision. Seiffert widens her view with Lore, and her encounter with Thomas, a young man who has blue-smudged numbers up his arm and (false) documents saying he is Jewish. As a well-off 12-year-old, whose father was in the Nazi Party, Lore too is at first oblivious to the effects of the war on others. She tries to believe that the pictures the Allies pin up of the Jews in the camps--whether alive or dead--are American actors. Micha's story, raking over the past and with the advantage of hindsight, well-documented history and the public German admission of guilt, feels the most raw and truthful. Seiffert writes delicately and plainly, making clear that it is not just the Jewish or Nazi experience of the Second World War which is valid, but that a whole country was involved, and is still affected by it. The Dark Room reminds us again that every person's experience is unique, and every person's heritage (whether German, Byelorussian, American or Jewish, Christian or atheist) will always be unique to them.