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ISBN: 9781592310043
Per Boek Wijzer Taal: engels

Auteur: Adamus Saint-Germain

Presented by Adamus Saint-Germain, this book is a gift of wisdom and inspiration to those humans who choose to step into mastery in this time of great and profound change on the earth. The energy and information has its foundation in the wisdom of the ones who had already gone through the process of becoming Masters of the New Energy, helping to lead the way for those who follow. Adamus says: "A Master in the New Energy is quite different than the Master of the past. It doesn’t do any good to go back and study the old Masters because they existed in their time and in their era for a specific reason. There were a few true Masters in the past. Yeshua (Jesus), for instance, was a Master two thousand years ago. He was also a changeworker – just like you – and he was the example, the one that stood out from the rest. He represented the Christ Consciousness on earth at the time, the One who represented the Many, because the energy at the time called for that. "It is different now in this New Energy. It is time to have many Masters all across the world because it is time for each culture, each region and each community to see that there is a Master present. It’s time to have many Masters all across the world to help anchor the energy of the new, to anchor the energy of an expanded consciousness, and to anchor this energy of the Christ seed which is blossoming on earth right now. "This is the time for many Masters, not just a few. Being a Master, surprisingly, does not carry the tremendous responsibility that you might think it does. In this book we’ll get into some of the details of what the Master is, how the Master relates to his or her self, to his or her internal environment, and to the world. "

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    NUR 720
    Aantal pagina's 120 pagina's
    Auteur Adamus Saint-Germain
    Bindwijze Hardcover
    Extra groot lettertype Nee
    Taal Engels
  • label Onderwerpen