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ISBN: 9780300075984
Per Boek Wijzer Auteur: Meyer Friedman

Taal: engels
In 1675 Antony van Leeuwenhoek, an unlearned haberdasher from Delft, placed a drop of rainwater under his microscope and detected thousands of tiny animals in it. Leeuwenhoek proceeded to examine the microscopic activity of his spittle, tooth plaque, and feces, and as the result of his findings the field of bacteriology was born. Some two hundred years later, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Wiirzburg, invited his wife to his laboratory, asked her to place her hand on an unexposed photographic plate, turned on an electric current, and showed this terrified woman a picture of the bones of her hand. And so came the discovery of the X ray. This absorbing book is the first to describe these and eight other monumental medical discoveries throughout history, bringing to life the scientific pioneers responsible for them and the excitement, frustrations, and jealou-sies that surrounded the final achievements. Two distinguished physicians, Meyer Friedman

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  • library_books Kenmerken
    NUR 680
    Aantal pagina's 263 pagina's
    Auteur Meyer Friedman | Gerald W. Friedland
    Bindwijze Hardcover
    Category Geschiedenis van de geneeskunde
    Category Boeken
    Category Geneeskunde & Verpleging
    Category Gezondheid
    Category Geneeskunde algemeen
    Co-auteur Gerald W. Friedland
    Druk New ed
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Geneeskunde & Verpleging><Geneeskunde algemeen><Geschiedenis van de geneeskunde>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Geneeskunde & Verpleging>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Gezondheid>
    Illustraties Met illustraties
    Taal Engels
    Thema Subject Code MBX , VFD
    Uitgever Yale University Press
    Verschijningsdatum november 1998
  • label Onderwerpen