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ISBN: 9789053306529
Per Boek Wijzer Taal: engels

On a dike close to the village of Fijnaart, in the South of the Netherlands, a truck has broken down. Sendogan, the Turkish driver, is trying to repair it when he notices a young woman standing on the other side of the road.
Once he has got his vehicle going again, he drives it to the required destination and he's ready fo the weekend. There's just one place in the whole area where you can go out: the Kopermolen, located in that same Fijnaart. That's where he sees that same young woman again and,. . .

Auteur: A. Polat

In this book, the half-Turkish, half-Dutch photographer Ahmet Polat goes to Turkey in search of his roots. He reconstructs the journey his father undertook as a truck driver, attracted to the Netherlands in the 1970s in search of a better future.

Polat realizes how uncommon the situation was for his parents in the 1970s, who met in the only place of entertainment in a tiny village in the south of the Netherlands. He had seen her previously standing on a dike, whre his truck had broken down earlier that day. In the nightclub, he approaches her in his broken German and then feel the spark between them.

Not long afterwards, Diana's parents are sitting in an airplane for the first time in their lives, heading for Turkey, anxiously wondering what's in store for them. Given the situation, it is quite surprising that they see no reason for concern, and the language isn't a problem either. Without being able to exchange a word, there is an immediate mutual understanding: two hardworking families, laborers who, despite the differences in age, religion, and origin, only want the best for their children. Ahmet Polat now understands that all those years in which he had sought acceptance in life, he had been focusing on the wrong people. In 1976, before he had even been born, both his grandfathers had taken care of that for him already.

. . . Neither here nor there. . . places the contemporary feelings and discussions concerning labor migration, cultural differences, minorities and identity in an original and refreshing light.

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  • library_books Kenmerken
    NUR 653
    Aantal pagina's 128
    Afmetingen 24 x 17 cm
    Auteur Ahmet Polat
    Auteur A. Polat
    Auteur A Polat
    Bindwijze Paperback
    Category Boeken
    Category Fotografieboeken
    Category Fotograferen & Filmen
    Category Kunst, Cultuur & Architectuur
    Category Hobby, Huis & Tuin
    Druk 1
    EAN 9789053306529
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Kunst, Cultuur & Architectuur><Fotografieboeken>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Hobby, Huis & Tuin><Fotograferen & Filmen>
    Illustraties Met illustraties
    ISBN10 9053306528
    Kaarten inbegrepen N
    Taal dut
    Originele taal nl
    Publicatiedatum 20080915
    Taal Engelstalig
    Verschijningsdatum 2009-06-01
    NUR 653
    Aantal pagina's 128 pagina's
    Aantal pagina's 125 pagina's
    Bindwijze Hardcover
    Druk Druk 1
    Druk 1e druk
    Extra groot lettertype Nee
    ISBN13 9789053306529
    Kaarten inbegrepen Nee
    Subtitel .Neither Here Nor There...
    Taal Engels
    Uitgever Schilt Publishing
    Verschijningsdatum juni 2009
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