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ISBN: 9788272171024
Per Boek Wijzer Auteur: Kare Berg,Thor N Devig, 0ystein Kock Johansen, Hendrik Ulven

Norwegian maritime explorers and expeditions take you on the greatest journeys of discovery over a thousand years. Throughout Norwegian history, the sea has been the most important highway used by Norwegians in their travels along our ahnost 2000-kilometre-long coast or to more distant destinations.

Some explorers set off in search of new territories for commercial reasons, like the Viking Ottar around the year 890 A.D. and Leif Eiriksson in 999 A.D., Jens Munk in 1619 or Carl Anton Larsen and Otto Sverdrup in the twentieth century. Others, like Fridtjof Nansen and Road Amundsen, had a burning desire to explore new countries and realize personal ambitions, or, like Thor Heyerdahl, they have wanted to prove a theory about ancient vessels and their ability to cross oceans. All these explorers have one key characteristic in common: they look upon the sea as a natural element to be mastered, but not conquered.

They conducted their expeditions on nature's own terms, in spite of the risks involved. The chapters of this hook tell stories of daring courage, stubborn endurance and scientific curiosity, and the drama and tension derive not only from the explorers' struggle with the forces of nature but also from the outstanding personalities of the men who made these journeys:

• Ottar the Viking's journey to Hedeby, Wessex in England and to the White Sea
• Leif Eiriksson's discovery of America
• Jens Munk's hunt for the Northeast and Northwest Passages
• Fridtjof Nansen's journey across the Arctic Ocean
• Otto Sverdrup's discoveries in the northern areas
• Carl Anton Larsen's discoveries in the Antarctic Ocean
• Roald Amundsen's race for the South Pole
• Roald Amundsen's discovery of the Northwest Passage
• Thor Heyerdahl's fantastic journeys on the Kon-Tiki, the Ra and the Tigris

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