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Product met onderwerp 'Sport en spel algemeen'

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Auteur: Ko Kooman

Hoe formeer je in de jungle van de topsport een heel team met hetzelfde Olympische vuur en welke valkuilen moet je omzeilen? Nog nooit eerder vertoond: op weg naar de Spelen van Beijing kreeg schrijver Kees Kooman een exclusieve inkijk in het even curieuze als ingewikkelde groepsproces. Hij volgde de vrouwenvolleybalploeg van Avital Selinger sedert 2005 'van binnenuit': confrontaties met vooroordelen, politieke intriges, de gevechten van speelsters met schijnbaar onherstelbare blessures of andere lichamelijke malheur en de onvermijdelijke afvallers. En aan het einde van de lange weg nooit vermoede rampspoed.

Dit is het unieke document van zestien gepassioneerde vrouwen en hun leiders, vier jaar vrijwillig tot elkaar veroordeeld.

Aqua Yoga

Taal: engels

Auteur: Francoise Barbira-Scazzocchio

Aqua Yoga features a unique series of exercises developed by the author over many years to combine the therpeutic and buoyant nature of water with the energizing and harmonizing effect of yoga.

Art of the Ninja

Auteur: Peter Lewis

Taal: engels

Ninjutsu is the world's fastest growing martial art with devotees numbered in their hundreds of thousands. Yet few are aware of its real origins, of how the ninja obtain their deadly skills, and how the disciplines of ninjutsu can benefit the individual in today's world. Art of the Ninja tells the fascinating and dramatic story of this elite corps of assassins and their secret art of ninjutsu - born out of persecution and honed into perfection by the fighting monks and rebels of Japan's wild mountainous regions. Striking tenor even into the hearts of the indomitable samurai, the legendary exploits of these experts in espionage and warfare sent a chill down the spine whenever their name was mentioned. Plying their deadly trade with perfect accuracy, they slipped into and out of the most impossible and inaccessible places, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Art of the Ninja, packed with exciting photographs - many specially taken for this book - explores the ninj a's mysterious origins, their growth in medieval Japan, the training of their supermen, the deadly weapons they used, their survival and escape tactics, their cult of mind training and much more - bringing the story into the twentieth century and how the ninja still ply their devastating skills in the microchip age.

Ballet For Dummies

Auteur: Scott Speck

Whether you want to participate in ballet or just watch it, the ballet experience can excite and inspire you. Ballet is among the most beautiful forms of expression ever devised: an exquisite mix of sight and sound, stunning, aesthetics, and awesome technique. Ballet For Dummies is for anyone who wants to enjoy all that the dance forms offers – as an onlooker who wants to get a leg up on the forms you're likely to see or as an exercise enthusiast who understands that the practice of ballet can help you gainMore strengthGreater flexibilityBetter body alignmentConfidence in movementComfort through stress reductionInfinite grace – for lifeFrom covering the basics of classical ballet to sharing safe and sensible ways to try your hand (and toes) at moving through the actual dance steps, this expert reference shows you how toBuild your appreciation for ballet from the ground up. Choose the best practice space and equipment. Warm up to your leap into the movements. Locate musical options for each exercise. Look for certain lifts in a stage performance. Tell a story with gestures. Picture a day in the life of a professional ballet dancer. Identify best-loved classic and contemporary ballets. Speak the language of ballet. Today you can find a ballet company in almost every major city on earth. Many companies have their own ballet schools – some for training future professionals, and others for interested amateurs. As you fine-tune your classical ballet technique – or even if you just like to read about it – you'll become better equipped to fully appreciate the great choreography and many styles of the dance. Ballet For Dummies raises the curtain on a world of beauty, grace, poise, and possibility!


Auteur: Dick Wirth & Jerry Young

Taal: engels

Balloons have been floating through the skies since 1783 but only recently have the hot-air types superseded the more cumbersome, expen-thve zas balloons. Thanks to synthetic fibres, hot air can now be contained, and its tendency to rise can be exploited. A complete balloon, which might stand 70 feet high, can be packed into the back of a van. It costs less than a boat and it can be launched from any sheltered location. Dick Wirth designs, makes, races and goes exploring in balloons of all sizes, from one-man types to airships, and Jerry Young is a leading adventure photographer. Together they have crossed seas, looked down on Alpine peaks and brushed the tops of the Pyramids. Their book Ballooning traces the history of lighter-than-air travel, in war and peace, for science and sport, propaganda and promotion. It explains how balloons are built, how the air is heated and how the wicker baskets function. It describes how balloons, virtually unsteerable and at the mercy of the prevailing winds, go racing and how aeronauts take part in contests that are dangerous, exhilarating and breathtak-ingly skilful. This book captures the escape and the joy of ballooning as well as being a definitive practical side.

Basketball For Dummies®

Taal: engels

Auteur: Digger Phelps

Basketball is the most popular participatory sport in the United States. As simple as the game often seems throwing a ball through a hoop there are many aspects of the game that go unnoticed. But with Basketball For Dummies, Second Edition, you'll get the inside scoop on hoops. Whether you're a player, a fan, or a coach, Basketball For Dummies, Second Edition will get you better acquainted to the game, so you can play it better, coach it smarter, or appreciate it more as a spectator. Former Notre Dame head coach Digger Phelps begins with the fundamentals and quickly moves up court from there. From playing a pick--up game to watching March Madness on TV to the excitement of the NBA Playoffs, Phelps has come up with a game plan that shows you how to have fun with the game, while you become familiar with it. By the final buzzer, you'll have pulled down pointers on how to play the game, how to look good on the court, how to coach it, how to watch it, ho w to strategize, and even how to talk trash on the playground. Within these pages, you'll also discover how to: * Suit up for the court * Get into basketball shape * Play effective offense and defense * Use signature moves from NBA greats * Shoot quality free--throws * Join fantasy leagues and get great stuff online From the basics to the latest coaching drills and techniques, this friendly reference offers you expert advice on the plays, strategies, and moves on and off the court from high school to college hoops, to the WNBA, and beyond.

Ben Hogan's Five Lessons

Auteur: Ben Hogan

The building blocks of winning golf -- from one of the masters of the game.

Ben Hogan, one of the greatest golfers in the history of the sport, believed that any golfer with average coordination can learn to break 80 -- if one applies oneself patiently and intelligently. With the techniques revealed in this classic book, you can learn how to make your game work from tee to green, step-by-step and stroke by stroke.

In each chapter, a different tested fundamental is explained and demonstrated with clear illustrations -- as though Hogan were giving you a personal lesson with the same skill and precision that made him a legend. Whether you're a novice player or an experienced pro, "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons" is a must-have reference for anyone who knows that fundamentals are where champions begin.

Taal: engels


Auteur: John Bull

taal: engels

Canyoneering - the descent of natural gorges by a mixture of hiking, scrambling, swimming and abseiling - is a spicy mix both for fun and for the adventurous. This is a guide to canyoning in the limestone areas of the western Mediterranean, stretching from the Costa Blanca via the Pyrenees to Provence, Sardinia and Mallorca. Selective in nature, it includes a variety of recommended gorge descents, ranging from two-hour strolls to long-day aquatic expeditions. The more technical expeditions invariably involve abseiling and scrambling, and most canyons are within reach for anyone in possession of these skills (and, in the case of wet canyons, a one-piece wetsuit). The friendly Mediterranean canyons are great places to learn, and the guide provides a basic grounding in techniques and skills. In the dramatic mountain limestone scenery of the Mediterranean, your canyon follows a defined geographical feature that is often inescapable for much of its length. Even an easy, dry canyon can be very atmospheric; add a rush of noisy water and you have an exhilarating environment.