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Product met onderwerp 'Non-fictie informatief/professioneel algemeen'

1: het parfum van de Nurks

Auteur: Crisse

Het kristallen zwaard

2nd interdisciplinary world congress on low back pain

Auteur: --
Taal: Engels

The integrated function of the lumar spine and sacroiliac joint
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A Guide to Megalithic Ireland

Auteur: JH. Brennan

Taal: engels
It is estimated that there are around 1200 megalithic sites in Ireland. This invaluable guide is filled with information about the 'history, legends, and archaeological and alternative explanations for the existence of these mysterious monuments to our ancient past. Descriptions of the mythical characters and events which have become so much a part of this beautiful country are combined with a wealth of practical information, to make this the most comprehensive and intriguing work available on the subject. Sites are listed alphabetically, according to the nearest town, along with local directions, detailed map references, and associated legendary and historical background.

With Sixteen pages of magnificent black and white photographs, this fascinating handbook is essential reading for the armchair traveller, amateur historian, and any visitor wishing to investigate and admire the amazing legacies of our megalithic ancestors.

Aan de bron van de ganges

Auteur: Lindholm

De sagen die in deze bundel werden bijeengebracht, zijn bijna alle ont-leend aan de oudindische literatuur. Geput werd uit de bronnen van de Mahabharata en de Ramayana. De meeste van deze verhalen, die door Dan Lindholm, leerkracht aan een van de Noorse Rudolf Steiner-scholen, zijn naverteld, zijn slechts te vinden in oude uitgaven.

In de oudindische sagen wordt de mens verplaatst naar tijden, waarin het denken en beleven van de mensen nog met mythische beelden doorweven was.

In deze bundel zijn o.a. opgenomen: 'Hoe de Ganges op aarde kwam', 'De trouwe Sawitri', 'Hoe de sterrenbeelden van de Grote Beer en de Slang ontstaan zijn' en de legende van Boeddha. Van de meester-verteller Dan Lindholm verscheen eveneens Zo zijn de sterren ontstaan, Noorse volksverhalen, sagen en legenden.

An Evil Crading

Auteur: Brian Keenan


Brian Keenan went to Beirut in 1985 for a change from his native Belfast. He became headline news when he was kidnapped by fundamentalist Shi'ite militiamen and held in the suburbs of Beirut for the next four and a half years. For much of that time he was shut off from all news and contact with anyone other than his jailers and, later, his fellow hostages, amongst them John McCarthy.

Brian Keenan emerged from the compression chamber of isolation with a rare gift intact. In this book he uses that gift to expore the 'evil cradling' of secret captivity with ruthless insight, honesty and poetry.

The claustrophobia of the hostage, the helplessness of undergoing a sentence without term or reason, is described here in ways the reader is unlikely to forget.

Brian Keenan's openness and integrity captured the hearts of millions of people after his release, but it is the mark of his quality as a writer that he is unwilling merely to be the exhostage, the man who has suffered on our behalf. He is far more interesting and complex than that, and he makes the emptiness of imprisonment speak.

Art of banking

Auteur: onbekend
The art collection of the Internationale Nederlanden Bank

Beelden uit het verleden van de Nederlandse chirurgie

Beelden uit het verleden van de Nederlandse chirurgie