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Product met onderwerp 'Fauna algemeen'

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Auteur: Albert Pintera

Beschrijving van een kleine 100 soorten katten in woord en beeld.

Alls over schaduwplanten


Schaduw in de tuin heeft bij veel tuinbezitters een negatief imago. Ten onrechte echter, want schaduw kan erg aangenaam zijn. Niet alleen voor de mens die er in de zomer aangename koelte en rust in vindt, maar ook voor de plantenwereld. Planten die in de schaduw staan, zijn door het gematigde microklimaat meestal heel gemakkelijk te verzorgen. Bovendien zorgt de vochtige bodem voor even-wichtige groeiomstandigheden. Als u planten zoekt voor schaduwplekken in uw tuin, kunt u uit alle plantengroepen kiezen: vaste planten, grassen, varens, bolgewassen, struiken. . . Dit boek biedt u een overzicht van de beste schaduwplanten voor elke situatie. Het helpt hij de juiste keuze en aanschaf, geeft informatie over de bodembewerking, de verzorging van de planten, de snoei, en leert hoe u zonder bestrijdingsmiddelen uw tuin ge-zond kunt houden. Zo geniet u nog meer van uw tuin: niet alleen van de zonovergoten delen, maar ook van de schaduwplekken!

Beginner's guide to Goats

Taal: engels

Auteur: Lee Faber

Keeping goats can be a rewarding and fascinating experience and needn't be difficult if you follow a few simple guidelines. They are intelligent and sensitive creatures and generally mak excellent pets.

They are simple to feed and house, they respond well to human company, they can easily be handled, they are nice to breed and usually get on well with other animals. An added bonus is that they are a good'way of keeping weeds under control and they produce 4elicious milk as well.

They are charming animals full of character and in many ways are ideal for a smallholder. This book will guide you through buying your first goat, where to house it, what to feed it, its health, its behaviour and breeding.

If you are thinking about keeping goats, it is useful to clarify what your motives are - whether you want to keep them as pets or have more practical thoughts, for instance, maintaining them for their dairy products. Whatever your reasons, you have to be prepared to put in the necessary work to care for them.


Taal: engels

Auteur: Don Stap

Following one of the world's experts on birdsong from the woods of Martha's Vineyard to the tropical forests of Central America, Don Stap brings to life the quest to unravel an ancient mystery: Why do birds sing and what do their songs mean? We quickly discover that one question leads to another. Why does the chestnut-sided warbler sing one song before dawn and another after sunrise? Why does the brown thrasher have a repertoire of two thousand songs when the chipping sparrow has only one? And how is the hermit thrush able to sing a duet with itself, producing two sounds simultaneously to create its beautiful, flutelike melody?Stap's lucid prose distills the complexities of the study of birdsong and unveils a remarkable discovery that sheds light on the mystery of mysteries: why young birds in the suborder oscines -- the "true songbirds" -- learn their songs but the closely related suboscines are born with their songs genetically encoded. As the story unfolds, Stap contemplates our enduring fascination with birdsong, from ancient pictographs and early Greek soothsayers, who knew that bird calls represented the voices of the gods, to the story of Mozart's pet starling. In a modern, noisy world, it is increasingly difficult to hear those voices of the gods. Exploring birdsong takes us to that rare place -- in danger of disappearing forever -- where one hears only the planet's oldest music.

Boek Kleintje Konijntje


Memoires van een konijnengek Dit boek vertelt hoe een konijneneigenaresse met vallen en opstaan steeds beter het wezen van een konijn leert begrijpen. Luchtig geschreven maar met een diepe ondergrond. Een boek goed voor een glimlach maar ook voor een traan. Een boek dat leerzaam is, maar tegelijkertijd herkenning geeft. Een absolute must voor iedereen die van konijnen houdt. Ik heb het met oneindig plezier gelezen.

British Wildlife

Auteur: N. Arlott & R. Fitter & A. Fitter

taal: engels

Over 1500 species illustrated in colour, including trees, flowers, grasses and rushes, fungi, mammals and their tracks, birds, snakes, fishes, butterflies, moths and other insects, the wildlife of the seashore and farm crops and livestock.

Built by Animals

Auteur: Mike Hansell

Bowers gleaming with baubles and beads, delicate webs of silk, towering mounds complete with airconditioning, and graceful cradles sewn from leaves—these are just some of the remarkable feats achieved by animal architects. How do they do it?

How could such smallbrained creatures as wasps and termites work in teams to produce such seemingly complex structures? Mike Hansell uses a range of fascinating examples of animal builders to explore these questions, and considers what the answers tell us about evolution, animal intelligence, and whether we are indeed alone in the animal kingdom in possessing a sense of beauty.

Butterflies Pocket Companion

Auteur: Booksales

A new series of books for animal and nature lovers. These attractive and concise reference works are illustrated in full color throughout with photos and diagrams. Each title contains a lively and authoritative introduction to the subject, followed by a fully illustrated directory of popular species or types. Many titles incorporate a key of at-a-glance characteristics, enabling the reader to assess the most desirable and suitable elements of a particular animal, plant or stone.

Taal: engels