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Product met onderwerp 'Geschiedenis algemeen'

400 years and more of The British in Indonesia

€29,95 incl. BTW
Exclusief verzendbijdrage
Auteur: Richard Mann

Taal: Engels

Not many people know that Francis Drake was the first British navigator to sail into the Indonesian archipelago, arriving before the Dutch in the fabled Spice Islands of the Malukus in 1579 and beginning a relationship which has spanned more than 400 years.

Three hundred of those years were characterized by actual or diplomatic wars with Holland over the control of the islands which the Dutch sought to monopolize. There would also be tension with Indonesia’s founding President, Sukarno, when he launched military operations against Malaysia.

But, whatever the ups and downs of their relationships with the islands of the East Indies, the British kept coming back and today are the second largest investor in the country with growing two way trade in a great deal more than nutmegs and cloves.

This is the fascinating story of the British in Indonesia, never before told within the covers of a single book.

A concise history of English Painting

€10,60 incl. BTW
Exclusief verzendbijdrage
Auteur: William Guant

Taal: engels

Though English painting has always been susceptible to influence coming from abroad, it has retained an individual character of its own down to the present day. The comparative isolation of British art’has given a special significance to the work of those artists whose genius transcends its boundaries. yet the, general character of English painting can be defined for us by the work of a number of great individuals: Hogarth’s illustration of social life; Gainsborough's intimacy of feeling; the devotion to landscape of Constable and Turner; the intellectual fervour and compressed classicism of Stubbs; the poetic vision of Blake and Palmer. The aim of this book is to give as complete a view of _English painting .as possible: It ranges from England’s position in the Middle Ages, and the English character- istics which may be discerned in pictorial art prior to the Tudor period, tothe influence of Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism and abstract'art, seen as a prelude to a flourishing modern period. The illustrations have been chosen to showcharacteristic works of the artists but, at the same time, to avoid further reproduction of very familiar paintings in preference for lesser known works.

A curious Life

€13,50 incl. BTW
Exclusief verzendbijdrage
Auteur: Katherine Gordon

Taal: engels

The biography of princess Peggy Abkhazi

When Peggy Abkhazi died in 1994 in her adopted hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, she left behind a life of privilege. Reigning with her royal Georgian husband over the internationally acclaimed Abkhazi Garden, she had come far from her orphanhood in the industrial slums of Lancaster, England.

Peggy's tumultuous ninety-two years intersected watershed events and locations of the twentieth century. She lived on the English Channel during the First World War, studied music in Paris in the bohemian twenties, and led a socialite's life in Shanghai during its racy thirties heyday. Most significantly, she was kept a prisoner in Japanese-occupied Shanghai for more than two years of the Second World War—an experience she took great risk to document in a clandestine journal. Despite many suitors, she remained unmarried for much of her life, acting as companion and caregiver to her adoptive mother. Peggy Abkhazi not only overcame adversity but turned it to her advantage, embracing life with humour and grace at every turn. A Curious Life tells the remarkable story of this strong, charismatic woman, from England to China to Canada; from pauper to prisoner to princess.

A history of South Africa

€24,50 incl. BTW
Exclusief verzendbijdrage
Auteur: Leonard Thompson

Taal: engels

In the revised version of this acclaimed work, Leonard Thompson has added a new chapter, outlining the country's remarkable transition from a racist political order to a democratic one. A substantial new preface has also been added, and footnotes have been ex-panded. Above all, this penetrating exploration of South Africa's eventful history—from the earliest known human settlement of the region to the present day—focuses primarily on the experiences of the black inhabitants rather than on those of the white minority.

A History of the Indians of the United States

€11,50 incl. BTW
Exclusief verzendbijdrage
Auteur: Angie Debo

taal: engels

In 1906 when the Creek Indian Chitto Harjo was protesting the United States government's liquidation of his tribe's lands, he began his argument with an account of Indian history from the time of Columbus, ''for, of course, a thing has to have a root before it can grow. '' Yet even today most intelligent non-Indian Americans have little knowledge of Indian history and affairs those lessons have not taken root.

This book is an in-depth historical survey of the Indians of the United States, including the Eskimos and Aleuts of Alaska, which isolates and analyzes the problems which have beset these people since their first contacts with Europeans. Only in the light of this knowledge, the author points out, can an intelligent Indian policy be formulated.

In the book are described the first meetings of Indians with explorers, the dispossession of the Indians by colonial expansion, their involvement in imperial rivalries, their beginning relations with the new American republic, and the ensuing century of war and encroachment.

The most recent aspects of government Indian policy are also detailed the good and bad administrative practices and measures to which the Indians have been subjected and their present situation.

Miss Debo's style is objective, and throughout the book the distinct social environment of the Indians is emphasized—an environment that is foreign to the experience of most white men. Through ignorance of that culture and life style the results of non-Indian policy toward Indians have been centuries of blundering and tragedy.

In response to Indian history, an enlightened policy must be formulated: protection of Indian land, vocational and educational training, voluntary relocation, encouragement of tribal organization, recognition of Indians' social groupings, and reliance on Indians' abilities to direct their own lives.

The result of this new policy would be a chance for Indians to live now, whether on their own land or as adjusted members of white society. Indian history is usually highly specialized and is never recorded in books of general history. This book unifies the many specialized volumes which have been written about their history and culture. It has been written not only for persons who work with Indians or for students of Indian culture, but for all Americans of good will.

A Marginal Jew

€82,00 incl. BTW
Exclusief verzendbijdrage
Auteur: John. P. Meier

Rethinking the historical Jezus

Taal: engels
Companions and Competitors is the third vol-ume of John Meier's monumental series, A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus. A detailed and critical treatment of all the main ques-tions surrounding the historical Jesus, A Marginal Jew serves as a healthy antidote to the many superficial and trendy treatments of Jesus that have flooded the market. Volume I laid out the method to be used in pursu-ing a critical quest for the historical Jesus and sketched his cultural, political, and familial back-ground. Volume 1 focused on John the Baptist; Jesus' message of the kingdom of God: and his startling deeds, believed by himself and his followers to be miracles. Volume ill widens the spotlight from Jesus himself to the various groups around him, including his followers (the crowds, disciples, the circle of the Twelve) and his competitors (the Pharisees, the Sad-ducees, the Essenes and Qumranites, the Samaritans, the scribes, the Herodians, and the Zealots). In the process, important insights into how Jesus contoured his ministry emerge. Contrary to the pop-ular idea that he was some egalitarian Cynic philoso-pher with no concern for structures, Jesus clearly provided his movement with shape and structure. His followers roughly comprised three concentric circles. In the outer circle were the curious crowds who came and went. In the middle circle were the disciples

Abdijen in West-Europa en hun bewoners

€9,54 incl. BTW
Exclusief verzendbijdrage
Auteur: van Schaik

Weergave van leven en werken van de huidige bewoners van abdijen in West-Europa. Behandeld worden abdijen en kloosters in Engeland, Ierland, Frankrijk, Italië, Oostenrijk, Duitsland, Spanje en Zwitserland.

Adolf Hitler ontmaskerd

€9,00 incl. BTW
Exclusief verzendbijdrage
Auteur: Peter den Hertog
het bevel tot vernietiging van de Europese joden geanalyseerd

Het mag verbazing wekken dat over de meest misdadige onderneming uit de wereldgeschiedenis nog veel onduidelijk is. Er zijn duizenden boeken gepubliceerd over Adolf Hitler en de Holocaust, maar toch is er nog onenigheid over Hitlers motieven tot de moord op de joden. Ook zijn onderzoekers het er niet over eens of Hitler wel een bevel tot vernietiging der joden heeft gegeven; er wordt zelfs gesteld dat een bevel contraproductief geweest zou zijn. En wie was Adolf Hitler in wezen? Hoe moeten we zijn persoonlijkheid zien? Ook hierover lopen de meningen uiteen. Den Hertog speurt aan de hand van primaire bronnen naar Hitlers criminele motieven, legt ze één voor één bloot, en markeert een centraal motief. Gewapend met inzichten uit de rechtspsychologie kijkt hij opnieuw naar de bronnen over het Führerbefehl en komt tot de conclusie dat Hitler ten minste één fataal bevel heeft gegeven. Het bevel zelf analyseert hij en stelt vast dat zowel de aard als de uitvoering geconstrueerd was om Hitler zelf in te dekken. Aan het slot van het boek is het de lezer duidelijk op welke wijze hij de misdadige persoonlijkheid van Adolf Hitler moet zien.
Peter den Hertog (1951) studeerde geschiedenis en cultuurwetenschappen.
Den Hertog heeft twee hoofdstukken uit zijn vorige boek overgenomen: het eerste is ingekort, het tweede geheel herzien en fors uitgebreid.