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Product met onderwerp 'Non-fictie Vrije tijd/algemeen'

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Auteur: Nicholas Yapp

5:2 Je leven

Auteur: Emma Cook / Louise Willenborg
word gezond, gelukkig en in balans; pas de 5:2 leefstijl toe op je werk, relatie, conditie, financien en meer

Nooit meer snoepen? Kan niet. Elke dag sporten? Geen tijd voor. Nooit meer iets moois kopen? Ondenkbaar. Maar we willen wél die paar pondjes te veel kwijt. En wat extra spaargeld zou ook niet verkeerd zijn. Meer tijd voor je geliefde, familie en vrienden? Ja, graag! Maar hoe? De kracht zit niet in de extreme oplossing, maar juist in het compromis: 5:2. Vijf dagen leef je gewoon en maak je je nergens druk om. De andere twee dagen eet je minder, geef je minder uit, laat je je smartphone even voor wat die is en pak je een boek of ga je naar een bijzondere film. Binnen de kortste keren zal je merken dat je leven er een stuk overzichtelijker én leuker uitziet! In 5:2 je leven geeft Emma Cook verhelderende praktijkvoorbeelden, verhalen van ervaringsdeskundigen en praktische tips voor een overzichtelijk en bewuster leven.

A Life of Jung

Auteur: Ronald Hayman

Taal: engels

Carl Jung was one of the world's most influ-ential psychoanalysts. With the exception of Freud, who chose him as the first president of the International Psychoanalytic Associ-ation, no psychologist has achieved more. He initiated groundbreaking ideas, yet trusted only his impulses. He astonished patients by reading their minds and answering questions they hadn't yet asked. He saved some from psychosis, but drove others to despair. His outspokenness was sometimes brutal and sometimes impressive. Throughout his life his charisma attracted both women and men, including numerous patients and a priest, yet he rarely returned the fondness he inspired. He would empty his chamber pot out of the window of his tower house without checking whether someone was underneath, but was rightly regarded as a great man. Previous biographers have either made Jung an idol or condemned him for his failings. Ronald Hayman neither ignores Jung's faults nor exaggerates them in investigating the most crucial questions surrounding this enigmatic figure. What actually went on during Jung's sessions with patients? Was his mother insane? Was he a borderline case? What were the consequences of a homosexu-al episode in his boyhood? Was he pro-Nazi or anti-Semitic? How many affairs did he have with his patients? Why did he fail to sustain any of his friendships with men? Did he believe in ghosts, magic, and miracles? Did he sometimes mean "God" when he said the "Unconscious"? Why was he so secretive?

Was his grandfather Goethe's illegitiniate son? Did he see himself as a reincarnation of Goethe or as the man who could save humanity from nuclear destruction by psychologizing Christianity? Hayman has been given access to a sub: stantial amount of unpublished material that has not been used by previous biographers. Impeccably researched and written with notable objectivity, A Life of Jung offers a rare insight into how Jung's revolutionary ideas grew out of his own extraordinary-experiences.

A Prayer for the City

Auteur: Buzz Bissinger

Taal: engels

A PRAYER FOR THE CITY is a nonfiction masterpiece, a book to be savored for its heartbreaking drama, humor, and wisdom. In 1990, Buzz Bissinger's Friday Night Lights became an acclaimed bestseller and national sensation, igniting immediate debate about the role of high school football in small-town Texas. Now, the Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist does for big cities what he did for small towns in this epic story of one remarkable politician's efforts to save a dying American city. Mayor Edward Rendell will do almost anything for Philadelphia. He will clean the bathrooms in City Hall, endure a joint appearance with Mickey Mouse, and per-sonally lobby President Clinton to keep jobs in the city. He is that rare politician who is larger than life in his ambitions, compassion, and flaws—a man wise enough to see the comic absurdity of his job, yet crazy enough to think he can actually revive his declining city. To succeed, Rendell must negotiate a tough new con-tract with city workers who are threatening to strike and wreak havoc on the city. He must allay African-American leaders engaged in a zero-sum game of racial politics. He must combat the loss of tens of thousands of jobs that have brought the Workshop of the World to its knees. As Rendell and his brilliant chief of staff, David Cohen, fight these political battles, four citizens of Philadelphia engage in their own personal struggles, each one con-nected to events at City Hall:

- Jim Mangan is a thirty-seven-year-old welder with a wife and six Children. Unless the mayor can achieve a miracle, he and thousands of others will lose their jobs at the city's historic Naval Shipyard.

- Linda Morrison is a city-employed policy analyst who believes urban life can improve if the mayor embraces unprecedented change. But will Rendell have the courage? Will she be able to sustain her love for the city, or will the pressures of crime and taxes drive her away?

- Mike McGovern is a prosecutor whose anger at the urban violence of the city fuels his drive for justice. As he questions the personal cost of what he does, he faces one of his toughest trials, seeking life imprisonment for a teenager charged with murder.

-Fifi Mazzccua is an elderly woman from the inner city raising four great-grandchildren while faithfully visiting her son in prison and hoping she'll live to see the day when he is freed. At turns heart-wrenching and hilarious, A Prayer for the City dramatically illustrates high-pressure politics and the threat of economic decline facing so many cities. No author has ever written with such humanity and insight about a politician in power and the way cities really work.

Buzz BISSINGER spent five and a half years writing this book, during which time he had exclusive access to Mayor Ed Rendell's administration. From 1981 to 1988 he was a reporter at The Philadelphia Inquirer, where he won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting, and later he worked for the Chicago Tribune. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University in 1985-86 and is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair. He is the author of the acclaimed bestseller Friday Night Lights.

Aircraft of world war II

Auteur: Chris Chant

Taal: engels

Aircraft of World War II contains 300 of the most important and influential military aircraft that fought between 1939 and 1945: fighters, bombers, and ground-attack aircraft, in the service of both the Axis and Allied nations. These aircraft include the famous Supermarine Spitfire, Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, North American P-51 Mustang, Messerschmitt Bf 109, and Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. Each of the 300 aircraft featured in Aircraft of World War II is illustrated with the aid of a superb side-view color artwork. In addition, the artwork is accompanied by a detailed specifications table giving dimensions, powerplant, armament, performance, and weights (with all measurements in imperial and metric), plus accompanying text that summarizes design, development, and service history of each type.

300 aircraft of World War II featured, each one illustrated by a full-color artwork

• Full dimensions, weights, armament, and powerplant details provided for each aircraft; all measurements in imperial and metric

• Each aircraft's development history and career in full

• Comprehensive index provided for ease of reference

Alles over humor

Auteur: Pieter Webeling

Waarom is de mens het enige schepsel op aarde dat kan lachen? Hoe groot is het belang van scheer-schuim in moorkoppen en andere voetbalhumor? Waarom vinden zoveel vrouwen een geestige man seksueel aantrekkelijk? Heeft God humor? Van Toon Hermans tot Candy Dulfer, van Herman Koch tot Hans Klok, van bisschop De Korte tot clown Bassie: prominente Nederlanders over de essentie van humor en de waarde van de lach. Hilarisch, verrassend en ontroerend.

Andy Warhol

Taal: engels

Auteur: Andy Warhol

Fanciful shoes, bouquets of spring flowers, and napping cats are among the familiar motifs from Warhol's early work to be found in this collection. 105 images, 85 in color.


Auteur: Jonathan Glancey

Taal: engels

Explore the world's great buildings
Amazing illustrations take you right to the heart of the world's landmark buildings

The definitive visual guide
Discover 5,000 years of architectural design, style and construction, from airports to ziggurats

Take an architectural tour
Explore buildings from the Western world, the Middle East, India, China and Japan

Look beyond the facade
Examine the materials and technology that shape buildings, and identify the key elements and decorative features of each architectural style