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American Cockroach

Taal: engels

Auteur: Catherine Chalmers

Catherine Chalmers's second Aperture monograph invites us to meditate on the pleasures and terrors of the common domestic pest, Periplaneta americana, also known as the American cockroach. In three different series of photographs, ''Infestations,'' ''Imposters,'' and ''Executions,'' Chalmers challenges us to reconsider how we distinguish between creepy infestation and acceptable nature. With a slight B-movie quality, the images push us to think carefully about the ways in which we determine some creatures to be lovable and others best squashed under a shoe.

Boulevard of broken dreams

Auteur: Paul Alexander
The life, times and legend of James Dean. Illustrated trouhout with more than 60 revealing photographs

Explores the personal struggles of the powerful actor and explains how Dean's sexual ambivalence and hidden homosexuality affected his life and made him such a believable on-film rebel. Reprint.

The Ashes of a God

Auteur: F. W. Bain

This translation of an original Sanskrit script in the Vedic / Sanskrit religion-philosophic tradition recounts a legend in which Kama (the Hindu Cupid) is reduced to ashes by the opening of the third eye (the eye of wisdom) of Lord Shiwar when he tried to seduce him for his meditation with a vision of female beauty. The story also deals with the dynamic link between love and memory, where love, in remembrance, rises like a living Phoenix from the ashes of oblivion.

Taal: engels

The complete illustrated works of Lewis Caroll

Auteur: Lewis Caroll
With all 276 original drawings

Lewis Carroll needs no introduction. Children and adults alike know him as the creator ofAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland the best/loved and most famous childrens book ever written in any language, For the first time all the illustrated works of Lewis Carroll have been brought together in one volume, All the illustrations which appear have been carefully reproduced from the 276 original drawings personally approved by the author over 80 years ago to illustrate his writings. Here are Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass with John Tenniels incomparable illustrations,- Sylvie and Bruno and Sylvie and Bruno Concluded with, as Lewis Carroll described them, Harry Furniss's ‘wonderful pictures; The Hunting of the Snark with Henry Holidays drawings complementing this poem Ofinl‘inite humour; the American artist Arthur B. Frosts numerous and fine designs for A Tangled Tale Phantasmagoria and other amusing poems Concluding this unique collection is a rare reappearance of El Gertrude Thomson's graceful engravings illustrating the Three Sunsets and other serious poems.

Lewis Carroll wrote books for children that. by their humour, logic and imaginative absurdity. also appeal to grown/up people, The matchless stories and poems collected here and published with their original, unforgettable illustrations truly make

The Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll a book for all the family.