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Binnen 4 uur geleverd in de plaatsen Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard, Langedijk en Obdam. Ophalen in Heerhugowaard ook mogelijk!
ISBN: 9780747546764
Per Boek Wijzer Taal: engels

Auteur: Danah Zohar

At the beginning of the twentieth century, as psychologists discovered ways and means to measure intelligence, Aristotle's definition of man as a rational animal developed into an obsession with IQ. In the mid-1990s, Daniel Goleman popularized research into emotional intelligence, EQ, pointing out that EQ is a basic requirement for the appropriate use of IQ. There is enough collective evidence from psychology, neurology, anthropology and cognitiv science to hsow us that there is a third Q , SQ or Spiritual Intelligence. Unlike IQ, which computers have and EQ which exists in higher mammals, SQ is uniquely human and, the author argues, the most fundamental of the three. It is linked to humanity's need for meaning, an issue very much at the forefront of people's minds as the century draws to a close. SQ is what we use to develop our longing and capacity for meaning, vision and value. It allows us to dream and to strive.

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    NUR 720
    Aantal pagina's 288 pagina's
    Auteur Danah Zohar | I. Mitchell
    Bindwijze Hardcover
    Category Boeken
    Category Filosofie
    Category Persoonlijke ontwikkeling
    Category Spiritualiteit
    Category Religie, Spiritualiteit & Filosofie
    Category Body & Mind
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Religie, Spiritualiteit & Filosofie><Filosofie>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Religie, Spiritualiteit & Filosofie><Spiritualiteit><Body & Mind>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Persoonlijke ontwikkeling>
    Illustraties Nee
    ISBN13 9780747546764
    Redactie Liz Calder
    Subtitel The Ultimate Intelligence
    Taal Engels
    Uitgever Bloomsbury
    Verschijningsdatum december 1999
  • label Onderwerpen