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Taal: engels

Auteur: Hans Ibelings & Anna Vos

Europese steden kampen met vergelijkbare problemen. Europan, een samenwerkingsverband van gemiddeld twintig Europese landen, organiseert voor jonge professi nals om de twee jaar een prijsvraag op het gebied van architectuur en stedenbouw waarvoor gemeenten en opdrachtgevers een locatie beschikbaar stellen. Met ingang van Europan 8 is het permanente overkoepelende thema van de internationale prijsvraag ‘European Urbanity’.
Voor de zes Nederlandse locaties van Europan 8, die in dit boek uitgebreid worden gedocumenteerd, zonden 159 teams van architecten en stedenbouwkundigen uit heel Europa plannen in. De winnende inzendingen zijn voorzien van deskundig commentaar van de jury en uitvoerig ge ustreerd. In interviews lichten de eersteprijswinnaars hun idee toe. Daarnaast zijn de ontwerpen die de laatste ronde van de jurering haalden, maar ook de inzendingen die niet zover kwamen, in het boek terug te vinden. Ook aan de Nederlandse prijswinnaars op buitenlandse locaties wordt aandacht besteed. Verder zijn enkele essays opgenomen over onder meer Europan in Europees perspectief en over het thema van de prijsvraag. Op de bijgevoegde cd-rom zijn alle inzendingen voor de Nederlandse locaties verzameld.
European towns and cities face similar problems. European, an alliance of some twenty European countries, organises a competition every two years for young professionals in the field of architecture and urban design for which municipalities and clients make a site available. Starting with Europan 8, the permanent and overall theme of the international competition is ”European Urbanity”.
159 teams of architects and urban designers from all over Europe submitted plans for the six Dutch sites of Europan 8. The winning entries are accompanied by expert comments from the jury and are fully illustrated. The prize-winners explain their ideas in interviews. The designs that reached the last round of adjudication, but also the entries that did not get that far, are also included in the book, as well as reviews of Dutch winners on sites abroad. The publication also includes a number of essays on, among others, Europan in a European perspective and the theme of the competition. The enclosed CD-ROM is a collection of all the entries for the Dutch sites.



Taal: engels
A letter of the alphabet, a dress, a rock formation or an airplane — the diversity of forms that the new architecture can take is almost infinite. In Building as Ornament, Michiel van Raaij interviews ten leading architects and historians to trace back how this new architecture first emerged in the early 1990s and how it has matured over the start of the present century. A new generation of architects regards the design of the scaled-up ornament as an intrinsic part of their practice. What are their motiva-tions? How do they place their ideas in the tradition of their old profes-sion? Michiel van Raaij argues that the new ornament allows architects to design ever more eloquent buildings, but that this new practice is also bound by certain rules. A successful ornament represents a virtue and explains the function, social status, load-bearing structure, organi-zation and/or context of the building. Michiel van Raaij is editor-in-chief of Architectenweb, a leading archi-tecture platform in the Netherlands. Includes interviews with Auke van der Woud, Denise Scott Brown, Charles Jencks, Adriaan Geuze, Michiel Riedijk, Alejandro Zaero-Polo, Ben van Berkel, Steven Holl, Winy Maas and Bjarke Ingels.


Taal: engels

Auteur: Josho Brouwers

A cultural history of warriors and warfare in early Greece.
Using the Homeric epics as a guide, the reader is presented with a cultural history of warriors and warfare in Early Greece: from the chariot-borne soldiers of the Mycenaean palaces to the seaborne raiders of women and cattle of the Dark Age; from the men of bronze who helped assert Egyptian sovereignty, down to the battles of Thermopylae and Salamis. Along the way, a number of detailed issues are considered, including the proper place of the Greek hoplite in the history of the Eastern Mediterranean, the possible origins of the Argive shield, developments in naval warfare, and the activities of Greek mercenaries.
Written for an audience of serious students and specialists alike, Henchmen of Ares offers a detailed treatment of the relevant sources, with extensive bibliographic notes.
The author, Mediterranean archaeologist Josho Brouwers, wrote a doctoral dissertation on Early Greek warfare. He is currently editor of Ancient Warfare magazine.

A Marginal Jew

Auteur: John. P. Meier

Rethinking the historical Jezus

Taal: engels
Companions and Competitors is the third vol-ume of John Meier's monumental series, A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus. A detailed and critical treatment of all the main ques-tions surrounding the historical Jesus, A Marginal Jew serves as a healthy antidote to the many superficial and trendy treatments of Jesus that have flooded the market. Volume I laid out the method to be used in pursu-ing a critical quest for the historical Jesus and sketched his cultural, political, and familial back-ground. Volume 1 focused on John the Baptist; Jesus' message of the kingdom of God: and his startling deeds, believed by himself and his followers to be miracles. Volume ill widens the spotlight from Jesus himself to the various groups around him, including his followers (the crowds, disciples, the circle of the Twelve) and his competitors (the Pharisees, the Sad-ducees, the Essenes and Qumranites, the Samaritans, the scribes, the Herodians, and the Zealots). In the process, important insights into how Jesus contoured his ministry emerge. Contrary to the pop-ular idea that he was some egalitarian Cynic philoso-pher with no concern for structures, Jesus clearly provided his movement with shape and structure. His followers roughly comprised three concentric circles. In the outer circle were the curious crowds who came and went. In the middle circle were the disciples

A New Vision of Women's Liberation

Auteur: Osho

Taal: Engels

The feminist movement started trying to imitate men so that women could be equal to men. This is both psychologically and spiritually wrong. A woman has different qualities to develop. She is not just to be a carbon copy of man, she has to be her original self. Therefore Osho syas, they need equal opportunity to be different and to be their own selves. In this book Osho give a news vision of womens liberation.

A time for every purpose under heaven

Auteur: Arthur Ocean Waskow & Phyllis Ocean Berman

More than twenty years ago, Arthur Ocean 1. 'V Waskow published a book, Seasons of Our Joy, that followed the flow of Jewish festivals through the year. It became a classic. Now, in A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven, Rabbi Waskow and his wife, Phyllis Ocean Berman, have brought us a book for the other great cycle of Jewish life—from birth to death.

They have woven handbook and history, spiritual guide and their own personal experience, ancient ceremonies and those brought forward by Jewish women today, into a single pattern for a welllived life—a unity.

The book moves from a new "Covenant of Washing"—the ritual act of parents washing a newborn daughter's feet to celebrate her arrival to an examination of how k'tubot, or marriage contracts, could be revised to affirm the commitments partners today need to make with each other, to ceremonies that celebrate the transformations of midlife, to enriching the rituals of grief in order to walk mourners through their own next spiral in the path of their lives.

A Time it Every Purpose Under Heaven will resonate both with observant Jews looking to broaden their experience of their faith and with those who are looking for new ways to reconnect with Judaism and make it a vital part of their lives again.