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A Time: All There is Matters Equally

Auteur: K. Van Der Burg
This book is an attempt to make sense of what is the matter with humanity today. For the author and artist Kareline van der Burg 9-11 was a turning point and the inspiration of her artistic work. It made her think about Americas karma, the loss of the Indian Wisdom and the outright aggressiveness of America. Kareline realised that the western way of living is no longer the way forward. That inspired her to start studying the Indian culture and their love and feel for the unspoiled nature around them, seemingly unparalleled in history. Indians viewed their interaction with the animals and plants as important lessons to help them understand their own nature. As a result of Karelines inspiration, poetry and artwork, a rich illustrated art book was born: A Time: All There is Matters Equally . A masterpiece with glossy pictures of painted drums and jewellery and a new calendar, which makes you think about our cosmic nature. A collection of new native art, like goat-skinned drums with oils, with feathers and shells. The 52 drums are accompanied by 365 sentences to announce a new mindset to honor Gaia. The book shows jewellery inspired by the Mayan Calendar, revealing the relationship between cosmic cycles and our body. A perfect gift for who loves art and the true spirit of nature.

Taal: engels

Aama in America

Auteur: Broughton Coburn

Taal: engels

In the early 1970s, Broughton Coburn lived and taught school in a subsistence-farming village on the edge of Nepal's Himalaya Mountains. It was there that he met and developed a unique friendship with a septuagenarian native widow named Vishnu Maya Gurung, fondly known to her relatives and locals as Aama, "mother. " When Coburn moved into the hayloft above her water-buffalo shed, Aama became his landlady, but she also treated him like the son she never had. Having lost his own mother shortly before he met Aama, Coburn forged an immediate bond with the sprightly Nepali woman.

Fifteen years after he first met Aama, Coburn returned to her remote village with his future wife Didi and an invita-tion for Aama to join them on a trip to America. At eighty-four, Aama believed she had become a burden to her grand-children and therefore welcomed the chance to visit her adopted son's coun-try. For Coburn, this was a way to intro-duce Aama to relatives and friends back home; but for Aama the trip represented something more—a pilgrimage that had been prescribed for her by village priests, an opportunity to gain merit by undertak-ing a strenuous journey during the final stage of her life.

Aama in America is a vivid chroni-cle of what became a twenty-five-state, coast-to-coast adventure. Guided by the perpetual curiosity and deeply spiritual orientation of their intuitive, unpre-dictable travel companion, Coburn and Didi gradually began to view their coun-try from an entirely new perspective. The more they experienced Aama's unclouded vision of America, the more they realized they were not simply travel-ing across the United States—they were undertaking an emotional and philosophi-cal odyssey toward a greater understand-ing of their culture, their country, and themselves.

Aama in America is on one level an offbeat American travelogue. But on another it is a profound exploration of beliefs, values, and lost spirituality, a search for the sacred that lies beneath the surface of America, and a singular account of the meeting of two widely divergent cultures.

BROUGHTON COBURN lived and worked in Nepal and the Himalayas for over fifteen years, initially as a Peace Corps volunteer teacher and later as an overseer of rural development and wildlife conser-vation efforts for the United Nations, the World Wildlife Fund, and other agencies. A graduate of Harvard, he is a native of Washington State currently living in Jackson, Wyoming.

Aartsengel Raphaël <br> leringen van een Meester

Auteur: Gilhuijs Robert

Aartsengel Raphaël, leringen van een Meester, is een boek dat in-zicht geeft in de vraagstukken waar een groot deel van de mensheid mee worstelt. Boodschappen die voor een ieder helder zijn en die de lezer op indringende wijze doet nadenken over zichzelf. Wie zichzelf kent, herkent de boodschappen. Wie zichzelf nog niet kent, gaat zichzelf met behulp van de boodschappen leren kennen. Aartsengel Raphaël als boodschapper en prediker van omzetting, transformatie, meditatie en liefde.

Advancement of women

Auteur: Janet A. Khan and Peter J. Khan

taal: engels

Among the issues discussed in _Advancement of Women are:

• The meaning of equality.
• The education of women and the need for their participation in the world at large.
• The profound effects of equality on the family and family relationships.
• The intimate relationship between equality of the sexes and global peace.
• Matters of Balth'i law of particular relevance to women.
• Chastity, modesty, sexual harassment, and rape.
• Service of women on Bakci institutions.
• The exclusion of women from the membership of the Universal House of Justice.
• The impleMentation of equality in the ministries of Bahcu'llah and 'AbdillBahi.
• The roles of Shoghi Effendi and the Universal House of Justice in advancing equality.
• Translating principle into practice at individual, family, and community

The equality of women and men is one of the basic tenets of the Baha'i Faith, and much is said on the subject in the Balai writings.

Tactfully treating a subject that often provokes argunientation, contention, polarization of attitudes, and accusations, the authors elevate the discussion to a new level that challenges all while offending none. Even longtime, wellread Bala& will come away from the discussion with a new understanding of the need for the advancement of women and of the profound implications such advancement entails.

Agni - Way of Fire

Auteur: Bruce Lyon

Taal: engels

I seek the Way;
I yearn to know.
Visions I see, and fleeting deep impressions.
Behind the Portal, on the other side,
Lies that which I call home,
For the circle hath been well-nigh trod,
And the end approacheth the beginning.

I seek the Way.
All ways my feet have trod.
The Way of Fire calls me with fierce appeal.
Naught in me seeks the way of peace;
Naught in me yearns for earth.
Let the fire rage, the flames devour;
Let all the dross be burnt;
And let me enter through that Gate,
And tread the Way of Fire.


Auteur: Ingrid van Rhoon

Een zoektocht naar haar Ware Zelf

Dit boek is het levensverhaal van Ingrid. Door verlies van belangrijke zaken in haar leven belandt ze in twee psychoses. Zij is een zoektocht gestart om zich zelf weer terug te vinden. Op eigen wijze vindt ze een weg naar zelfkennis wat een voorwaarde is om je leven weer opnieuw op te bouwen. Ze verbindt zich met haar Ware Zelf en hierna schrijft ze als Aisha verder. Het is een bijzonder verhaal met als doel persoonlijke en spirituele ontwikkeling. De gevonden inzichten gebruikt ze bij haar coaching en tevens is het boek een hulpmiddel bij zelfcoaching.