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ISBN: 9781584282716
Kijk op Boeken Auteur: Cristopher Grey

Taal: engels

Tricks of the trade for Professional Digital photgraphers


Christopher Grey takcs the intimidation out of studio lighting with powerful techniques that can be emulated and refined to suit your style. From equipment selec-tion to camera settings, Grey covers what you need to know to design successful lighting setups—and successfill images. With these strategics (and some practice imple-menting them), you'll face studio sessions with confidence!

• The role of color spaces and file formats in lighting decisions
• Understanding the qualities of light—and how to control them
• Mastering the use of softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors, grids, barn
doors, beauty bowls, and more
• Refining your white balance for consistent, accurate colors
• Identifying and creating traditional portrait lighting patterns—plus
ideas for breaking the rules with unexpected effects
• Controlling the specularity, spread, and depth of light
• Conducting lighting tests to refine your studio techniques
• Shaping the background light for enhanced creative control
• Hair light options for refined highlights and separation
• Metering techniques for flawless exposures
• Using bounced light for precise control
• The key to lighting low key images
• Designing simulated sunlight effects in the studio
• Lighting techniques to reveal and define shape

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