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ISBN: 9781565846920
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Will the circle be unbroken? Reflections on Death, Rebirth, and hunger for faith.

At the age of 88, Studs Terkel has turned to the ultimate human experience, that of death and the possibility of life afterward. Death is the one experience we all share but cannot know. In Will the Circle Be Unbroken? a wide range of people address that final experience and its impact on the way we live. In talking about the ultimate and unknowable culmination of our lives, they give voice to their deepest beliefs and hopes, reflecting on the lives they have led and what still lies before them. For the first time Terkel addresses the whole realm of religious belief and of expectations of an afterlife, including reincarnation, and discovers an extraordinary range and complexity of experience and of belief.

As in Working and Coming of Age, Studs Terkel tackles an issue bound up with all of our lives, yet rarely discussed on its own terms. From a Hiroshima survivor to an AIDS caseworker, from a death-row parolee to a woman who emerged from a two-year coma, these interviewees find an eloquence and grace in dealing with a topic many of us have yet to discuss openly and freely. Terkel also interviews the vast array of people who confront death in their everyday lives, whether as police, firefighters, emergency health workers, doctors, or nurses. Many of the most moving inter-views deal with AIDS, and how the disease has devastated whole communities and forced people to face death at the young ages we associate with centuries past.

In a stunning capstone to his extraordinary career, Terkel introduces to us the variety of our reactions to life's ultimate experience.

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