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ISBN: 9780670047970
Per Boek Wijzer Taal: engels

Auteur: Vic Guhrs

German-born artist Vic Guhrs came to Africa at the age of twenty-two to fulfil his boyhood dream of a life in wild places among wild animals. He lived for twenty-five years in an isolated bush camp in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia and knows that, despite its paradoxes and its mysteries, he can never leave Africa. The trouble with Africa, he says, is that once it is in your blood, like malaria, it is almost impossible to get rid of. And the trouble with Africa is also the trouble with those of us who settle here: as long as we insist on judging it from a Western perspective, we will be the outsiders - we will be forever baffled by it. The complexities of African attitudes that seem to confound us are perhaps not so complex after all; it is their very simplicity that we fail to understand. On the road to our civilised enlightenment have we lost the ability to see life in its most fundamental essence?

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    NUR 640
    Aantal pagina's 220 pagina's
    Auteur Vic Guhrs
    Bindwijze Hardcover
    Category Boeken
    Category Reisgidsen
    Category Sociologie
    Category Reisverhalen
    Category Maatschappij
    Category Aardwetenschappen
    Category Reizen
    Category Literatuur & Romans
    Category Romans algemeen
    Category Geschiedenis & Maatschappij
    Category Wetenschap & Natuur
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Literatuur & Romans><Romans algemeen>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Reizen><Reisgidsen>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Reizen><Reisverhalen>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Reizen>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Geschiedenis & Maatschappij><Sociologie>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Wetenschap & Natuur><Aardwetenschappen>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Wetenschap & Natuur>
    Rubriekspad <Boeken><Geschiedenis & Maatschappij><Maatschappij>
    ISBN13 9780670047970
    Originele Titel The Trouble with Africa
    Taal Engels
    Uitgever Penguin Books Ltd
    Verschijningsdatum oktober 2004
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